Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 22 Link Log

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It's a dog day...terriers, because Riley has a sort of terrier-ish face. His Human calls herself "Schnauzermum." It's harder to find specific, fancy breeds like "Schnauzer" on Petfinder.

Radley from Springfield, Virginia, showing what Yorkies really look like under all that fur:
Pixie from Georgia:

Gordon from New York:
Good news for the shelter cats of Big Stone Gap...if I've ever seen a pet picture that qualified for a "blooper" or "outtake" contest, the top picture is it, but she was a real live purr-ball. .

Prettier cat picture, this one described as a "Scottish Wildcat and Kitten":


Scott Adams:


To those whose knickers twist when Christmas is mentioned: A Wiccan e-friend just wished me a joyous Yule. I waited. I started typing this. I waited some more. No, I can't feel where it's hurt me one...little...tiny...bit. Some say Yule, some say Christmas, some say Hanukah. I say the official end of the charitable fundraising season, and I'm ready for it. An end of fundraising by any other name would be as sweet. Let us reach the end of fundraising, by whatever name you know. But maybe, just maybe, if some people would focus more of their energy on doing something to help someone else before the very worst part of winter strikes, those people would feel better about other people's observance of Christmas or Kwanzaa or the-end-of-Ramadan-in-a-year-when-Ramadan-falls-in-winter or whatever. Just a thought. Go forth and be happy. When you find your groove of happiness, other people's celebrations of whatever they celebrate seldom bother you any more.

Nevertheless, this web site has to acknowledge those who are always and forever left out of Christmas. (Isaiah specifically said that bringing trees inside and decorating them was one of the "ways of the heathen" that "are vain" for Jews as well as Christians, but again, whatever.)


Brendan McGinley takes a snarky view of four classic English poems.


Jim Babka and Perry Willis explain the concept of free-market, that doesn't mean government by Wall Street. It means government, to a substantial extent, by you.


Dragging down the image of all young men, especially Black young men, and of gorgeous Prince Georges County...Stupid Dontirius probably thought he was being funny. No. Not funny...just stupid! Least Competent Criminals.

Meanwhile...I don't know the subtext, but what is this young British woman doing still in Iran?