Friday, December 2, 2016

Sammy Should Have Seen the Natural Tunnel

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If anyone else wants to take up the travel blog theme, this blog recommends visiting the Natural Tunnel State Park, which is sort of in between Clinchport and Duffield, Virginia. The main attraction is a natural tunnel through a limestone hill. It's literally big enough to run a train through...and a railroad company insists on running trains through the tunnel! Hiking trails, birdwatching, fishing, caving, wading, rafting, and open-air concerts are also offered by the Park Service.

2013.VA.NaturalTunnelSP.RyanBerkheimer (8339448556).jpg

(Photo from Creative Commons: File:2013.VA.NaturalTunnelSP.RyanBerkheimer (8339448556).jpg )

Elizabeth Barrette wrote a nice free-verse poem about the Natural Tunnel as part of a "Poetry Fishbowl" (a blog concept explained here: )

She's promised to post the poem upon receipt of $10. Please feed the poet.

The Natural Tunnel is not to be confused with the Natural Bridge, another limestone formation in southwestern Virginia.

Natural Bridge VA size.JPG

(Photo: Originally uploaded by Bill (Transferred by rohith_goura) - Own work (Originally uploaded on en.wikipedia), CC BY 2.5, )

Thomas Jefferson ranked these rock formations among the "natural wonders of the world." They are certainly on the must-see list of nature scenes in Virginia.

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