Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2 Link Log

Warning: it's possible that this article may go live still containing an annoying Amazon cookie that I've tried to remove, going into HTML ten different times, but it keeps popping up...if I knew which Amazon or Zazzle photo link it was attached to, I'd remove that one, but once in the annoying ad cookie seems to be stuck to this page, and will not follow a photo link out. Take my word, I've tried. Anyway, lots of content seems to fit on the borders in between today's Categories: Animals, Books, Christian, Communication, Education, Food, Fun, Green, Health, Legal Issues, Music, Politics, Stupidity, Television, Women's Issues, Writing, Zazzle.


Bird lore...Everybody in North America, Australia, and Britain knows and probably loves a songbird called a robin, but not all of us realize that these are three different birds. This article is about the British robin.

Cat blog hop...makes this yet another cat day at Petfinder.

In memory of Sammy-cat, today's Petfinder links focus on "red" or "orange" cats:
Nacho from Arlington:
Simba from Brooklyn:

Pecan from Georgia:

Wild animal photos:

Wild animal facts:


Warning:  The Invention of Wings is about the history of the anti-slavery movement in the United States...if it's at all authentic, it'll contain words that might be too, too traumatic for some poor li'l snowflakes in Accomack (see below).


Serious Christian way to prepare for Christmas, followed by whimsical flight of blogger's memory:

Heaven and Nature Sing Christmas Card 2

Heaven and Nature Sing Christmas Card 2

by pj_design

And here's a blog challenge for those who love Christmas:

On a different track altogether, but also Christian-oriented:

And here's a sermon for the weekend:

(Maybe because the "holiday cheer" creates such a disturbing sense of cognitive dissonance for some people, Dan Gilbert posted a non-Christian riff on the same theme at Thrive. Both the title and graphic he used violate this site's contract; to people who are amused by the use of the S-word it's funny. Read and share with friends who prefer vulgar/secular "uplift" to the Christian kind, at your discretion.)


Rounding up the weasel words of the year...remember how Matt Groening used to draw cartoons of words we should resolve to stop using in the New Year?

Now this is the kind of cyberbullying the law needs to crack down on. Annoying a schoolmate with "I hate Brandy, she's fat/dumb/boring/whatever" is the kind of stupid childish behavior adults should ignore (and kids like Brandy should rack up cool points by ignoring, like the adults). Actually posting the kid's picture and phone number with messages that she's soliciting for sex has always been recognized in U.S. criminal law--the technical terms are slander and defamation of character--and it should have been prosecuted like the crime it was. "Cyberbullying" is the wrong word for this report to use, though, since that word could include silly kid stuff like "Go away, Brandy, we all hate you." Call the crime by its proper name! The girl's character was criminally defamed, and the criminals should serve some time.


Y'know, before I read this report, I thought the ban on hand-raising might have had something to do with someone's claiming that hand-raising called attention to the body shape. Since it doesn't, Katherine Timpf's report just joggled loose a memory...we had one teacher, whom I'll call Old Miss Mean, who didn't let people raise their hands, but ordered them to stand and answer questions, or go up front and write out their answers, in a strict rotation across the classroom. She was The. Worst. Ever. She was the one who, when swine flu was going around and a former friend I'll call Blondie whimpered "Please, no, I'm about to be sick," snarled "Show us what you've got for problem number thirteen anyway." Blondie woozed up front, worked out problem number thirteen, started to explain her work to the class, and was sick. All down her beautiful long blonde hair. Then of course she was sent home, where she stayed for a week or two. After that she gained a lot of weight, repeated a year, and eventually finished high school with a different class who didn't remember Old Miss Mean's idea of being equally mean and unfair to everybody.

Food (Yum) 

Coconut oil and coconut cream are what make this curry "Thai." If you (are like me and) can't use coconut, and (are in the U.S. and probably) can't get the specific seasoning called massaman paste and have to use regular curry powder, it's just another curried chicken and veg dish. But it'd be good.

Turkey soup:

As citrus fruit come into season, have you ever made a lime meringue pie? (If you use gluten-free cereal crumbs to line the pan, it's gluten-free.)

What about a mint caramel...Kirsten Boic calls it a tart; it's in the trifle, torte, or banana-pudding family.

Here's a classic gluten-free candy that can be made with other nuts as well as, or in place of, peanuts:

McDougall recipes:

Fun Stuff 

The down side of the rain that saved several parts of the Eastern States from raging wild fires...not serious floods, but, y'know, high-water annoyances.

The man who deserved to lose his wedding ring, but didn't...


Niume is messier than usual today, and some of the pages people shared on Google + didn't open at all, but +Andria Perry 's post about the sweetgum, or liquidambar or Tupelo, tree did. Pretty pictures here:

Scientific report here:

Health News 

Here's a mash-up: Dr. John McDougall editorializes about the President-elect. Key point made: health care is what individuals do to care for our own health. Another point: Trump looks as if he could use an upgrade in his personal health care plan.

Legal Issues 

I've commented on this before...


Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone...


David Limbaugh asks how much Obama's support of Candidate Clinton contributed toward Trump's election. (Democrats, please bear in mind the last line of Dan Gilbert's raunchy-but-true post...)

Stupidity is a Choice 

Which do you do: learn how loyalty (and heroism) can transcend an atmosphere of race prejudice, or sit down and whine because a big long complicated book accurately depicts haters talking like haters?


Michelle Malkin launches her TV show with an explosively controversial investigation. The link goes to the video; I apologize, but the e-mail describing what she's investigating goes into far too much detail about a violent crime to be quoted here. Suffice it to say, MM will be discussing the DNA evidence that may fail to prove that a former police officer is a rapist who belongs in prison for life. Lots of personal "honey," including dead skin.

Women's Issues 

Let's face it, women can be as vicious as corrupt cops are about this kind of victimless crime:

And instead of breaking through remaining prejudices and stupidities, some so-called feminists are, to use Germaine Greer's memorable phrase, "scoring own goals." Medical care, even if it's misidentified as "health care," is not what enables us to have non-procreative sex. Knowing how the reproductive process works and making decisions about which voluntary acts we do and don't choose to carry out is what enables us to have non-procreative sex. (This web site came to exist years after the demolition of another web site at which this topic used to be discussed in a frank, specific, and feminist manner. How would Auntie Pris even remember...? Ah, that'd be telling. But if you convince us that you're a confused left-wing "feminist" with an appropriate amount of e-money, we can send you printouts.)


There is so much out there in cyberspace that I'm only just reading this eight-year-old evergreen appeared on a blog I started following a long time after this series was posted. I'd been putting off reading the classic book, but am printing out these tips; they should help improve the way some things look at this web site:

Should an Amazon Affiliate site ever cite a book without putting that book within one click of your inquiring mind? Probably not, although I've done that too. I am not perfect. Here's the classic...

...and here's the update.


This is not as cute and funny as the Zazzle stuff I usually link here; it's posted because it captures what I believed to be true about my late lamented cat Black Magic...why the "memorial" to her is not a fancy grave monument, but my home being rededicated as a Cat Sanctuary. Even if she'd had kittens there would never have been another Magic (though there have been, and are, other social cats who also do incredibly cute, sweet, clever things)...but Magic always wanted to adopt kittens.

Here's a cute, funny animal picture: