Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hacked Again?

Fair warning to people who may have tried to contact me: I'm not seeing anything unusual at our site's e-mail account, salolianigodagewi @ yahoo, but I am seeing some problems with my personal e-mail account.

No e-mail from Karen Bracken for two weeks? Maybe she's retired. No e-mail from Patricia Evans for two weeks? Well...she's in Virginia, which enjoyed two weeks of absolutely fantastic picture-perfect late-summer weather; maybe she took time off to enjoy it. No e-mail from Yougov.com? Say whaaat?! Yougov never rests! Has somebody deleted some e-mails from my account?

I don't know, but I've changed the password and am notifying Yahoo. I have been online exactly twice in the past two weeks, both on Saturday afternoon, both in Gate City, Virginia. Any other e-mail activity on my account has come from a hacker who should be prosecuted.