Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Garter Stitch Blocks Jacket

This woman's sweater was knitted to measurements from a published pattern. All we can say about those measurements is that they must have expected the wearer to want to roll the sleeves up. The idea was to use up some scraps of bulky yarn. In real life, the colors are a Lion Brand Homespun yarn called "Waterfall" (pale aqua to medium blue-grey mix), a blue-grey mohair-blend boucle, a nubbly lavender blend, and a pink-grey-and-white flecked yarn...so why, when I photographed this with my cell phone and transferred the picture to the computer, is the aqua and blue-grey showing up as lime-green and sherbet-orange? (That was on one of the computers in this building; on this one the aqua is showing up as aqua, and the lavender as lavender, but the grey is showing up khaki.)What's behind the jacket is a wooden table, by the way, and on this computer it looks as if it had been painted bright blue, but it has not.

Anyway, Gena Greene was reinterpreting a pattern found in Amy Carroll's Sweater Book. If the sleeves are rolled up, this jacket would fit sizes 40-44", 5'4-5'8" tall. A taller person could wear it as a cropped jacket with the sleeves unrolled.

The yarn is mostly acrylic (some skeins contained some other fibres); the jacket can be machine-laundered.

Price: $50 + $5 shipping