Saturday, October 4, 2014

Phenology: Cool Front

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where this appeared on October 4, 2014. Image credit: Earl53 at Morguefile.)

A little rain yesterday ushered in a cool front. The temperature's been about 50 degrees Fahrenheit all day. Nobody reported frost, but it's cool enough for sycamore and tulip poplar leaves to start to turn yellow.

I've been at home for phenology-related reasons. The weather has been delightful, with almost constant sunshine, for two weeks. In Wise County where I have access to functional computers, however, road crews have sprayed poison along Route 23. I walked far enough along the road, two weeks ago, to count five dead songbirds in less than a mile. I want to avoid walking along that stretch of road until we've had a lot of rain.

Meanwhile, on the way into town this morning I saw a patch of blue chicory, deep purple morning glories, and yellow leaves, beside Route 23. The colors looked so bright and beautiful I was tempted to take a picture...if only Bubblews displayed pictures, instead of ruining them by plunking the title on top of them, now.