Monday, October 27, 2014

Four Shades of Green Jacket

Gentle Readers, I'm just thrilled through an' through to see that Amazon has released a widget that's not based on the dreaded "I-frames." And here's a perfect post to test it on...

Years ago, the Red Heart yarn company held an afghan contest and donated the afghans to the Ronald McDonald House. It happened that the painting on the dust jacket of the hardcover edition of Last Chance to See (discussed here) had suggested knitting patterns to my mind, earlier that year, and the yarn I'd seen as matching the colors in the painting was Red Heart yarn (as seen in discount department stores everywhere). So I went out and bought Red Heart in fifteen different brilliant colors and knitted the afghan. It did not win the contest. My husband said its chances might have been better if one of the patches had been a book pocket with a copy of the book tucked into it, so people could see exactly what I'd been thinking. I thought some people staying at a Ronald McDonald house would feel much better if they'd found Last Chance to See in their rooms, but then some other people would probably complain about the swearwords...

Anyway, this project left me with lots of Red Heart yarn to use up, and one project that used about six ounces of four colors was a slipstitch jacket worked from a pattern in Knitter's magazine. The four colors I actually used were shades of bright green, forest green, olive green, and moss green, not the grays I'm seeing on this computer screen.

The pattern was by Melissa Leapman, and was originally designed as a pullover.

Size: 32-34" chest, 5' to 5'4" tall

Material: 100% acrylic. (Machine wash and dry!)

Cost: $25 + $5 shipping