Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tidepool Beret and Pullover

In real life this cotton beret is about the same pale bluish green color I'm seeing on the computer screen. So is the child's sweater that goes with it:

The same yarn was used to knit both pieces, and they were photographed with the same cell phone camera, lying on the same work table, at different times of day. (The sweater looks asymmetrical because it's lying on a slanted table. Actually its sides match.)

Gena Greene knitted this child's set from a pattern by Celeste Pinheiro in Knitter's magazine. The main change she made was using a rather posh, soft Egyptian cotton and not attaching the snap-on stuffed toys that decorated the original sweater...this size is meant to fit a school-aged child, about eight years old, probably not interested in baby stuff.

Price: $30 (both pieces) + $5 shipping (as discussed below, you pay only one shipping fee for as many different things as fit into one package).