Monday, October 13, 2014

When Dreams Come True

Sometimes our dreams are "true" because we're starting to wake up and become conscious of what's going on in our immediate environment at the time. We dream that a phone is ringing somewhere and someone's picking it up, then wake up because our phone is ringing and we want to pick it up.

Most people who pay attention to their dreams eventually have an experience like one I had as a teenager.

I was enrolled in School B. I would have preferred to be in School A. School B was the one that allowed me to rack up enough credits to get directly from grade eleven into college. School A was the one where I had friends and fun.

Although the birth rate was actually declining by the time I was born, schools were still badly overcrowded. School A had been coping by sharing facilities with another organization.

I had not heard anything about funding to construct a "temporary shack" that would reduce the school's need to share facilities, in November, when I woke up from a dream that took place in a building that seemed to belong to School A but did not physically exist at the time. I saw the classroom in this building clearly; colors, furniture, location--it was where the school had actually had a tennis court, baddy-baddy. An especially odd detail was that although I was the one currently not enrolled in School A, in the dream I saw a former classmate walk into this building and people greeted "Tracy" with "Welcome back," rather than me.

In February I read in the newspaper that the school had been granted funding to construct a temporary shack. No information about where the shack would be or how it would look was in the article I read.

Next year, after intensive negotiations including a three-day hunger strike, I went back to School A. Surprise! One of my classes met in the temporary shack. It looked just the way it did in the dream. Somebody said, "Where's Tracy?" Tracy was not enrolled in School A that year. And how very odd it was that, in November, Tracy dropped in to say hello to everybody one afternoon...

Psychology says that this kind of thing happens whenever we're thinking about some aspect of our lives. We subconsciously imagine different possible outcomes for existing situations, and once in a while, apparently just by chance, we imagine what really does happen.

In some cultures people who've reported this kind of "precognitive" dreams are considered to have psychic powers. However, when these people try to predict the future, their rates of success are consistently low.

Have you had a vivid dream that came true in real life? (Was it something you want to post on a family-friendly web site?)