Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bubbling Again

Well, I'm back online today, after more than two weeks. I've not spent a day at the computer center since the eighteenth of September.

Arvind and Jason can relax...it's not something Bubblews did. (I'm not giving up on Bubblews until the eighteenth of October, when I was promised my third payment. Even though I never received my second payment and never received any confirmation that the charity of my choice received that first one.)

No, this time the Virginia Highway Department is to blame. In order to add those grooves that warn sleepy drivers they're running out of the road, they felt a need to poison the land along the Wise County section of Route 23. I was ill last summer after they poisoned the land along the Scott County section of Route 23, where I live. I've written all summer about not seeing the usual butterflies, or birds--alive; I saw some songbirds dead beside the road after the poisoning. On the eighteenth of September I walked less than a mile along Route 23, and I saw five dead songbirds. So I wanted to make sure I didn't do any walking on Route 23 in Wise County before we had a few good rain storms...to wash the poison downstream, into the water everybody in Tennessee and Kentucky has to drink, yes.

So of course we had more than two weeks of lovely, sunny, mild weather when nature obviously intended for residents of Scott County to get out and enjoy nature's gift to us, anyway, and not go into Wise County.

Scott County still has a total of six public-access computers, all jammed into a mini-lab wedged into a library that never had room for them. None of the six computers works very well any more, so even though the library's hours have been cut back to peak use times only, peak use is still way, way down...thanks to the Nefarious Librarian. I did check e-mail and check Bubblews twice during my two weeks in Real Life Only. I didn't have time to do more than that, because even when there are only two people in the library building, the Nefarious Librarian thinks her mission in life is to make sure that nobody ever gets more than 115 minutes on the Internet in one day.

Well, last night we had a few good rain storms, back to back. Now, although the thunder seems to have subsided, it's still raining.

So here I am in Wise County, trying to catch up. I probably won't read most of my e-friends' Bubblews today either. Anyway, I wish you all a nice bubbly day.