Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Knitted Knots Bag or Cushion Cover

This is a big square--almost two feet square--bag or cushion cover featuring knitted-in knots.

Knitters will want to know the secret of the knots. It was published in Knitter's magazine, and reprinted in The Great American Afghan, where a smaller square worked this way appears in the afghan.

In real life, all the colors have blue undertones rather than the red undertones that are showing up on my screen. Instead of being purple, blue, and yellow with red cords, the bag is blue, green, and yellow with purple cords.

It's 100% acrylic. Machine wash, machine dry. That and the size of this cover make me think "Pet Sleeper." Cats and small dogs can snuggle on it or into it.

This is probably the biggest piece of Gena Greene's knitting that can be bought for $5 (plus $5 for shipping--shipping charges can be consolidated for multiple items shipped to the same place).