Friday, October 31, 2014

Aran and Fairisle Mix Coat

Michele Rose once designed a huge, funky, chunky, natural-wool sweater with bands of fairisle stitch around the waist and cables around the shoulders. Gena's is a more wearable version--open down the front, with enough acrylic to keep the wool from shrinking to nothing if you forget and machine-wash it--but it's even longer, with even more bands of fairisle stitch. It's a coat, not a sweater.

However, in real life the colors are much more restrained and natural than they look on the screen. No yellow, red, or purple; this coat is actually a mix of browns, grays, and creams, with natural wools predominating.

A coat is supposed to be long and loose, so smaller people can wear it too, but this one is a close (over one or two layers) fit for a 42-44" bust/chest, 5'6-5'9".

Hand washing and drying flat are recommended.

This one was made from a mix of different yarns, most of which are no longer available but came from the medium to extremely expensive price range. Our standard method for pricing hand-knitted items is to double the cost of the material. For a coat made from a similar mix of yarns bought today, we'd have to charge $300...but, for this one, we'll accept $150 + $5 for shipping.