Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nordic Wool Sweater

Although it looks vaguely purplish and greenish on this computer screen (because I took these pictures with a cheap cell phone camera), in real life this unisex, medium-weight woolly pullover is black and white.

This is the one I knitted, from start to finish, as a demonstration while working at Traders Village in 2011. I followed a pattern in this issue of Knitter's magazine. The main change is that I worked the yoke in two colors rather than three. Also, since one-piece circular needles that last are hard to find now, I made it as a demonstration of how to make round-yoked sweaters on straight needles.

Material: Washable wool...yes, it probably contains the chemicals to which so many people are sensitive, so wear it over a cotton turtleneck.

Size: 34-40" chest, 5'4"-5'10"

Price: $75 + $5 shipping