Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby's Delight

This baby jacket was knitted in Wendy Courtelle baby yarn imported from England. In real life it's a pale clear baby blue with brighter blue, green, and yellow flecks.

Gena Greene happened to find just enough of this yarn, at a clearance sale at a small obscure rural yarn shop, to follow the pattern shown in this issue of Knitter's magazine. (She made the matching bonnet, too.)

I can't believe it's still possible to buy K45 from the publisher for the original price (I'm sure it's higher at E-Bay and Amazon), but if you enjoy knitting, get it while you can--this was one of my all-time favorite issues of Knitter's. Almost all the sweaters are shown in size and style variations for everyone from children to extra-large adults. There are hat and afghan patterns as well as sweaters. Styles are classic rather than trendy. This is the magazine to get if you want to knit things your grandchildren can hand down to their grandchildren.

Anyway: This sweater is about 13" across and should fit most babies who will be between six and twelve months old this winter. Courtelle is machine-washable, even machine-dryable (with care).

Price: $10 + $5 shipping. (We separate the shipping cost so that you need to pay only one shipping charge per package. Lots of things you can buy at this web site will fit into the package with this little sweater, so you should browse already.)