Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lotus Blossom Lace Tunic

This is Gena's rendition of the Lotus Blossom Lace pattern from a vintage issue of Cast On. In real life the sweater is a soft shade of white, not yellowish or greenish gray. All acrylic. It's a large size, so when laid on a table for photographing both sleeves automatically hung down over the edges of the table.

Although it's "ventilated" with eyelets all over, this acrylic sweater is still quite warm and is recommended for someone who feels chilly when others are comfortable with the temperature of a room.

Fit is hard to define since this is a tunic rather than a sweater. The sleeves are meant to fit loosely, about three-quarter length, so they're not too long for a short person. The bottom of the sweater is meant to hang below the wearer's hipline, so it would be long enough for a tall person. The sweater is meant to be loose, worn over any number of layers; any size up to a 50" chest could get into it, although I think it looks good on small women. In short, if you want this sweater you can probably wear it.

The price is $20 + $5 shipping. Shipping prices can be consolidated for as many items as will fit into one package, and, yes, you could probably squeeze a book or two, or a cap, into the package with this sweater.