Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12 Link Log

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Obligatory Fundraising Link 

Fund it and it will go away. (Maybe I'm hypersensitive, but...check out the new perk I'm offering!)

Here's the special link to the "secret" perk:


"Classic Australia moment"--spider against snake:

Seasonal fox painting from Japan:


This web site salutes Azim Premji:

Disaster Relief 

Dan Lewis's Weekender post links to some informative sites...


Basic economics: If businesses disrespect cash customers, those businesses need to die. This article outs some major offenders:

Frugal Fun 

More benefits from walking:

Malheur: The Rest of the Story Update


The reason why we've not had a real snow problem in Gate City? It's been too dang cold. When the air temperature is below 20 degrees, you can have snow, but you don't get the big fluffy flakes that pile up, block roads, and topple roofs. And if you have weather-appropriate gear, as in hand-knitted socks, sweaters, shawls, caps, and mittens, you can walk for an hour or two, just to admire the's only driving that's dangerous, or being caught in only cheap, cute, fashionable winter gear that lacks the insulating power of hand-knits or other serious winter gear.

Well, the time to buy hand-knits is now, local readers,'cos it looks as if there's more cold air where this lot came from. The possibility exists that Virginia could see temperatures that Yankees, if not Canadians, would even agree are cold. Very bad news for birds, but probably not so bad for humans who've had the prudence to stock up on things that keep you and your home warm.

Meanwhile, some are looking forward to gardening...always a pleasant read while we're huddling around the fire. These dandelions look like a warm breeze of spring!


What the Obama administration sneaked in under cover of all the screaming about foreign wars and same-sex marriage...


Phobias considered: I've not met them, but Scott Adams reports having met people who are afraid of Donald Trump, #BankruptcyBillionnaire . (For the record, I'm not; I think he's a fascist and a jerk, and I think either his winning the election or his handing it to either of the non-viable Democrat candidates would be a national disaster, but if it happens it'll be because we as a nation deserve it.)

Now here's a man whose name, after all these years, still arouses phobic reactions in a lot of people. I've met some of them.


Not that it's the right time of year to travel, but we can dream can't we?