Monday, February 22, 2016

Trimming the Board: SB 329

From the office of Virginia State Senator Bill Carrico:

Carrico’s BVU Overhaul Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Senate

Richmond-Senator Bill Carrico’s SB329 passed the Senate on Friday morning, 37-0.
Senate Bill 329 reduces the current BVU board membership from 9 to 7. In addition, it includes a complete overhaul of the current board, changes how the board is appointed, and it gives customers of BVU more equal representation on the board.
"I am extremely pleased with the Senate's passage of SB329, and I appreciate the overwhelming support of my colleagues," said Carrico. “I believe this bill represents the fundamental transformation of BVU demanded by the citizens. It is the start of a new chapter for both BVU and the city.”
Next, SB329 heads to the House of Delegates, if successful there, it goes to Governor McAuliffe for his consideration.
Additional information can be found on Virginia’s Legislative Information System online at