Friday, February 5, 2016

February 4 Link Log

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How convenient...I didn't get time to post this one on Blogspot yesterday, but since Blogjob is closing down for maintenance this morning, I have just exactly enough time to post it here. Categories: Animals, Civil Rights, Flint, Food (Yum), Gardening, Politics. (The book link will appear after maintenance.)
I suppose bears shouldn't go extinct, but I'm completely cool with the idea of all bears being maintained on islands, with deep moats and steep fences.
Now, here's an animal that I would not mind seeing go extinct.
Civil Rights 
This is about two U.S. veterans who are reportedly being held in prison for sampling qat, a mild recreational drug that is traditionally and legally chewed by Kuwaiti and other Arab-type people.
Today's book link features a book that discusses the use of qat by visiting Americans:
Well, that, and being strong, free, American women. Who appear to be Black. And who call each other "partners," an inoffensive word considering that they are in fact working as partners. If Kuwaitis feel all that threatened by these women, the position of this web site is that Kuwait should send them back home. We can deal with them according to our laws. If that means celebrating their return as honorable U.S. veterans, what business is that of Kuwait's?
Flint, Revisited
Republicans want to switch that city manager who switched the water supply for Flint, Michigan, to a more polluted river? Go for it! Robby Soave suggests privatizing the city water supply...unlikely to be a worse idea than the city manager's, anyhow. This web site continues to call for wealthy Michiganians to take care of their own. We're not going to hound Henry Ford's grandson's widow, because she looks too old, but this web site particularly wants to see what Michael Moore is doing, what Roger Penske is doing...and, if this is going to get political, what Ben Carson is doing. The doctor has been based in Maryland for a long time, yes, but he grew up in Detroit; arguably Flint is as close to being his home town as some say it is to being Michael Moore's (Moore's home was, technically, in more of a suburban area).
Food (Yum) 
Here's a yummy fruit salad...good with or without the yogurt.
Hardy, pretty native plants that want to adorn your garden...if they're in a row of vegetables they can fairly be called weeds, but many of them are worth keeping as flowers.
Dave Barry goes to Iowa.
Publius Huldah explains the problems with Candidates Cruz and Rubio: