Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Endorsement of Ben Carson

Here's what I posted at Change.org's sister site, Changepolitics.org, where you too can create an account and endorse your favorite presidential candidate:

First of all, due to the birthplace question for Cruz and the sincerity question for Trump, I think Ben Carson really is the most viable candidate in the Republican Party now.

Secondly, I think he's relatively conservative on financial issues, very "conservative" in terms of personal lifestyle, and quite "liberal" and "enlightened" about people and social issues. He practices modesty and chastity but wouldn't discriminate against people whose personal choices are not sanctioned by the church. He doesn't want to cut the budget nearly as much as Rand Paul would have done, but isn't calling for more taxes and spending either. He's willing and able to work with military advisors if we have to go into war, but he's generally a man of peace. This is a combination America needs.

Thirdly, I've been saying for about a year now--the Democrats' big problem is that they let their youngest solid candidate be President first, and now their remaining candidates are too old for the job. I think the Republicans should rally behind their oldest solid candidate too. People call Marco Rubio "the young one" and Rand Paul "the junior senator." Those Senators will probably have other years to run for President if they work with Dr. Carson and build their resumes right now.

And I'm not saying I'd vote for anybody just because s/he worked at the hospital that did so much for a child I loved, or belongs to the church I'm most likely to attend, or wrote books I've recommended to students in search of a role model...but none of those things hurts!

[Update: I hit the "share" button, and Google + automatically pulled up my kitten image. We can do better than this. Why not a clickable link you can use to buy Dr. Carson's book?]