Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22 Link Log

I didn't make it to the bottom of the mountain of e-mail that piled up during those "snow days," yet, but at least I dug up the elected officials' contributions, which I know are what some people read this site for. Categories: Animals, Food (Yuck), Food (Yum), Funny Things, Music, Politics, Security, Virginia Legislature, Writing.


The wouldn't want to meet a cat like that.

Food (Yuck)

Could your municipal water supply contain lead?

Should Kroger stores, whose image is based on quality rather than cheapness (although they still run some good sales), continue to use eggs from overcrowded hens? Caged hens are unhealthy birds; you can see and feel, as well as scientifically measure, how inferior their eggs are to eggs from free-range hens.

Food (Yum) 

Sweet potato muffins...first you bake the sweet potatoes, then you bake the muffins. Baking is a nice way to stay warm in winter. It also helps dehumidify the air and, as a commenter observes, make the house smell naturally delicious.

If you use garlic in medicinal quantities, you might want to raise your own. Here are tips:

Could you use scrambled eggs instead of boiled eggs in a salad? Why not? You could use turkey bacon, too, and/or scrambled tofu instead of eggs if you're allergic to eggs.

Funny Things 

How is it possible to get through your e-mail if you don't subscribe to Dave Barry's blog? This article comes from 1996...long enough ago to be funny again.

If you don't have a paid subscription to the Miami Herald you'll have to read this one fast, because a nasty subscription widget pops up before the page finishes loading. I read most things online fast, usually before the pictures and junk finish loading, if I read them at all, so this is not a real problem...merely annoying.


If you like rock/pop music with Christian themes, you might want to follow this band on Twitter:

Thx for following. We're actually giving away TWO FREE SONGS to all of our followers right now! Download them here:  

Music can entrain a damaged brain in ways that seem miraculous. I've seen this happen: when people with all sorts of debilitating conditions sing, or at least entrain their brains with music in some way, their minds clear. They're more likely to be able to recognize people and remember things.


Larry Elder, Jonah Goldberg and I aren't the only ones noticing how illiberal the Left has become...

Rick Manning even notes that the idea that Americans are "Taxed Enough Already" is, and always was...not exactly exclusive to the Republican Party, but fairly well synonymous with the base of the Republican Party. Hugh Hewitt's idea that the Republicans could afford to become tax-and-spend "Republicrats" or "RINOs" was what was radical...and inaccurate.

Did Justice Scalia name his heir? (Btw the "?" at the end of the link means that there was a long tracking link after the "?", originally, as in the Earthjustice link above, but the software ate it.)


You think not typing or texting your family's real names into "the cloud" is worrying too much? Consider what people who are "really" at risk put themselves through.

What happens if you win the lottery? Not much if it's "Lucky Sevens" and you win $7, but if you win $700,000, how much of it are you prepared to spend on security? 'Cos you'gon' need some...

Virginia Legislature

State Senator Bill Carrico made national news as Virginia Senate Bill 457 just passed the Senate unanimously. Christina Delgado reports:

Here's the full text...


Two editorials (host and guest), and if you scroll further down, contests: