Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17 Link Log

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It's hard to get anything done in the Southern States in can't even tell by looking out the window whether you're snowed in or not! My road's every bit as bad today as it was yesterday, and I didn't think it was bad enough to qualify for a snow day even on Monday, but Monday and Tuesday were officially snow days and today is not. I am frightfully behind my e-mail. Anyway, today's categories: Obligatory Fundraising Links, Flint, Fun Stuff, Health News, Obituary.
Obligatory Fundraising Links
The old, it and it will go away...New update today, though.
And here's the ridiculously easy way to support this web site...if you like any of the chain stores that keep going, you too can treat yourself to a couple of gift certificates every year just for filling out a few mostly shopping-related surveys. I've used this site for years, made and sold things using the yarn I bought with their Michaels gift certificates, and not been hacked or spammed. This is one U.S. survey site I believe to be safe and legitimate. (Until somebody buys it out, of course. There are no permanent guarantees in cyberspace.)
This web site called for Michael Moore to write about Flint. Although busy with flu, and a new movie out last week, and in spite of the bipartisan quality of the Flint water mess (Republican governor, Democratic city manager, lots of opportunities for political name-calling and blame-throwing, also some opportunities for somebody to surge forward by just fixing the mess already, if any of the pols up there have recovered enough from the lead poisoning to think about that...), the Democratic Party's Counterpart to Rush Limbaugh has got this far:
(About his new movie...I suspect I'm not going to like it anywhere near as much as Roger and Me or Bowling for Columbine...
...but y'never know; I disagreed with what Moore was trying to say with Bowling for Columbine but I liked it. A lot. Because Moore was honest enough to use the footage that supported my position better than his, about the fact that privately owned firearms don't seem to "cause" murders in more sparsely populated Canada. Like Rush Limbaugh at his best, Michael Moore at his best can be interesting on a lot of different levels. So, will you enjoy Where to Invade Next? Click here to see the trailer.
This web site still wants to read #RealBenCarson 's take on Flint. And Andrews University's, by all means. And, although nobody at this web site has ever been a real fan of his, yes we would like to read anything Dan Gilbert has to say on this topic. Please send links, Gentle Readers.
Product Details(The picture that pasted easily may open the page for the "wide screen format" movie. If you want the not-so-wide-screen format, click here.)
Fun Stuff
For local readers, this is the kind of frugal fun in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, that I'd love to support via the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge. If you play autoharp or lap dulcimer, use the link below to register. If you want me to haul out my autoharp, use the Paypal button in the sidebar. (I'm making no promises about my ability to sing by March, but I was once paid to record an album of autoharp picking, without singing.)
For the rest of the world...well, here are some new ways to talk about love...
We've known for a long time that changing your diet can "cure" gout, drastically reduce symptoms of osteo-arthritis (which are often allergy-linked), and speed recovery from infectious arthritis...but can any diet actually relieve rheumatoid arthritis? This is a hot potato; some patients, and some doctors, feel that even mentioning the possibility is cruel. Nevertheless, John McDougall has patients with verified r.a. who testify that a vegan diet has significantly helped them. Is there any way to know whether going vegan might help you or someone you know? Let's put it this way--"McDougalling" might help a patient, and it won't harm a patient. The worst-case scenario would be that, after the initial reaction to the high-fibre, low-fat diet, the patient feels the same way s/he did before.
While Virginia had our...well, maybe somebody really was snowed in...90% bogus five-day weekend of "snow days," the United States lost a valuable Supreme Court Justice who did much to rein in those who wanted to rewrite the Constitution.