Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog Post Bilingue (Today's Fundraising Link)

I've often said that I wouldn't dare publish anything I'd written in Spanish. I'd rather write in English and let a Truly Bilingual Person translate my article into Spanish, so I can actually learn something by reading it.

I have, however, written a few short things in Spanish--letters, notices, comments on Spanish-language posts--and even Bad Poetry. Here is a parody of a song I learned first in Spanish. (I think the Spanish song may have been written as a translation or substitute for an English-language song, but I don't know that song. Only the Spanish one.) The real song lyrics are online:

Since I'm asking people for money, which I don't like doing, this song sort of fits in with the theme. It's a satire about someone who doesn't ask for funding for a specific project, but just tells people they ought to be giving him money...I don't like it when religious people do that. (Another song parody about that kind of people is at .)

Apologies for typing this on a keyboard that doesn't have some of the characters it needs...

Bienaventurados son los de limpio corazon
Que no aman el tesoro de aqui;
Con ternura y con amor, dando gracias al Senor,
Traen lo que tienen y me dan a mi!
Con amor y con carino,
Me dan todo que han de bien,
Y, por compartir la fe con los que conocen, me
Traen lo que sus amigos han tambien!

Once again, Gentle Readers, I'm asking you for money...but not just for masses of money to prove that you're a Good Person whose Heart is Not Set on the Treasures of This Mortal World (one of los de limpio corazon, que no aman el tesoro de aqui). I'm asking you to provide a specific amount of funding for a specific project that, if you like this blog, you'll enjoy reading. You can ask for goods or services in exchange for that funding, too. And a portion of that funding will go to help other people besides me--and I'll be telling you exactly how much is going to whom, how, when, and for what purpose.