Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8 Link Log

Categories: Obligatory Fundraising Link, Books, Etiquette, Food (Yum), Gardening, Phenology Link...there was another phenology link in the e-mail, but I didn't make the time to open it and paste it in.

Obligatory Fundraising Link


Maria Popova recommends another book that sounds like a good read. One for my Wish List:


You're in a festive mood. You'd like to repay a few dinner obligations and maybe meet a few new people, or enable them to meet each other. A party is indicated. Your friends are nice, quiet people. Introverts do not enjoy parties where "party" means "lots of alcohol and loud music." We enjoy parties where "party" means "lots of opportunities to flirt and gossip" only if we're single and see an unusually attractive body at the party. That's why, when our calmer social manners prevailed, "party" meant "group entertainment organized around a theme." Doing a chore that can be best done by lots of different hands was the traditional theme for parties in the early United States. If you don't have a quilt to stitch, a barn to build, or even a ton of handmade Christmas cards to block-print, yet you want to throw a party, board games and puzzles are a good theme.

Food (Yum) 

The Salad Nudist recommends trying this without the "dressing." Grapes are juicy!

Here's a flavorful suggestion for those who prefer fish. Canned mackerel never smells really fresh, but I've never had food poisoning from eating it either; in the bad old days (from a fish-eating perspective) when I was growing up, fish swimming in local streams were too toxic and supermarkets didn't exist, so in this corner of Virginia "fish" basically meant "canned mackerel."


Some plants sprout well in egg cartons, but some don't.

Phenology Links 

Almond tree blooming too early in Spain: