Monday, February 1, 2016

January 29 Link Log

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How do you prefer to hunt rabbits? With a camera, with traps or guns, or do you just let your dog or cat deal with them? There are actually two distinct types of animals that people who see them hopping away are likely to call rabbits. People who prefer to be precise call one family hares...although the most common names for some species of hares include the term "rabbit." All species are edible in cold weather. (They can transmit "rabbit fever," also known as undulant fever and nothing to trifle with, in warm weather.) Spider Robinson explains the difference:


I just posted a review of Moving to the Country as a Fair Trade Book on the Blogjob, which is where my book reviews have gone, along with several of my Link Logs, rants, articles, knitting patterns, and recipes--the rule is one book review and one other post per day at Blogjob.

...and I'm impressed by this publications page. This is what a web page for any writer, living or dead, should look like...even if the writer chooses to have a blog and web site, this is the ideal for the home page.

Reeve Lindbergh (1945-) Biography - Personal, Addresses, Career, Honors Awards, Writings, Adaptations, Sidelights


Steve Milloy shares a report on how "cap-and-trade" schemes aren't working for China:


I think U.S. culture at least forces scammers to be a bit more sophisticated than this one: