Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Flint Update (Nag?)

The e-mail from the Rising Mom known as Dream, below is about a time line. Gentle Readers, we in Virginia started hearing that Flint, Michigan, had a water problem...last year. Did everyone see Congressman Griffith's comments, posted here?

(Riff on the old traditional pun about "denial is not just a river in Egypt" pre-deleted here. You're welcome.) The position of this web site is that Michigan can and should take care of its own one-time crisis, preferably without any new tax-and-spend schemes, because whenever government is authorized to raise taxes to address a crisis, the crisis may be resolved before the tax money can be collected, but the tax never, ever, goes away. We may be talking about some low-income neighborhoods, but we're still talking about one of the richest parts of one of the richest countries in all of human history. Michigan should be able to raise funds without raising taxes.

A city manager just "switched" from the existing water supply to a more polluted water supply...and, yes, this does sound as if it's time for the city to switch managers.

I wanted to make sure you saw the outrageous news coming out of my home state, Michigan. It was maddening to learn that emergency managers, appointed by Governor Snyder, sacrificed the health of children to slash costs. Until recent evidence, we believed state and city officials believed what they were saying when they told residents of Flint that their water was safe for drinking and bathing.
But while state and city officials were telling the general public to pour their children lead contaminated drinking water, they were buying themselves coolers of clean water. Elected and appointed officials told the families of Flint to use water they wouldn't consider drinking themselves. [1]
What happened in Flint, Michigan is disturbing, terrifying, and unacceptable to say the least. The people of Flint need us to stand with them during this time of crisis. They are telling us what they need: drinking stations, no barriers to relief—everyone, including undocumented families, should have access to the relief water being sent to Flint. But just as important, Flint residents deserve accountability and—finally—transparency.
We must continue to stand with them as they demand justice from the state legislature.
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Families in Flint knew there was a problem but officials denied anything was wrong. We are outraged. It's time for urgent and comprehensive action on behalf of the families in Flint.