Monday, February 22, 2016

February 19 Link Log

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Obligatory Fundraising Links 

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Animals that are actually nicer than some people like to admit...

Animals that are totally cute, though not necessarily desirable to live with...if your computer will play this video, it's worth watching.

Infomercial article, recommended for the very cute cat photo:


Corner cabinets are back! In my native dialect this piece of furniture isn't a "tree"--that term would refer to a coat rack with multiple hooks for hanging different coats and hats. It's a cabinet, or a shelf. Whatever you call it, it's practical, and I should mention that for someone who has a long, tall corridor (or a large dining room) I know somebody who has a gorgeous, huge, antique corner cabinet for sale. Similar to the storage option shown here, but much much bigger, I think literally nine or ten feet high.


Who can resist a pretty plant that's edible...and for which the essential cultivating tip is, I am not making this up, that it likes poor soil and careless watering?


Harper Lee, age 89: