Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dave Brat on the Article One Project

This web site is not on Congressman Brat's regular e-mail list. It's based in Congressmen Griffith's and Roe's districts, with readership in Congressman Hurt's district. It did, however receive a campaign solicitation letter from Congressman Brat's office. Although this web site replies to all requests for money with counter-requests for money ONLY, we agree that this "conversation" needed to start several years ago, and we welcome any readers from Virginia's District 7 that we may have.

From U.S. Representative Dave Brat, R-VA-7:

Some are calling it a crusade. I like to think that we are starting a much-needed conversation. Either way, we need your help in spreading the word.

Things are out of control and it is time to take a stand. That's why I'm partnering with nine conservative Members of Congress in supporting theArticle One Project, promoting legislation to give Congress control of our budget and regulatory system.

First launched by Senator Mike Lee, the Article One Project also has a goal of dialing-back executive discretion. It is up to your Representatives and Senators in Congress to make the laws of our country – not the White House.

Yet President Barack Obama has made a mockery of our Founders' wisdom in separating and assigning powers – unconstitutionally pronouncing "executive actions", by ignoring or rewriting federal statutes to essentially make the laws himself.

Nicknames for legislation aren't easy to find on Popvox, and full text is even harder. Possibly this bill is the one they meant, or part of a batch they meant: