Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24 Link Log, with Cell Phone Cases

Will I get this one online today? Who knows? What a glorious storm, or series of storms, we had last night. I was surprised that any place in town even had lights this morning. Anyway, I'm online for now, and I just designed the Official Fix Facts First Cell Phone Case. As a good Zazzler, I'm sharing two more cell phone case links as well. More links in the categories: Books, Legislation, News, Zazzle.


Upcoming at this site is a review of Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation, a book inspired by Stephen Sondheim's truly alcoholic-sounding idea of writing a musical about the presidential assassins (and would-be assassins). Dan Lewis just shared a tidbit that will whet the appetite of anyone interested in Vowell's book:


Tom DeWeese commends to everyone's attention U.S. House Resolution 1995. This web site likes it, and even ventures to guess that Congressman Griffith and Senator Warner will like it. (About Senator Kaine, this web site does not know.) Once again, this is not about whether people want to bring "blackandhispanic" neighbors into the neighborhood--my adoptive sister may qualify, and a few of my cousins definitely qualify, as both. This is about whether people want to let welfare agencies shuffle "blackandhispanic" welfare recipients into neighborhoods where those people will have even less hope of finding jobs, education, friends, or any other possible improvements in their lifestyles, than they have in the neighborhoods of their own free choice. Places like Gate City do not need truckloads of slum dwellers shipped in from D.C. or Norfolk; nor do the slum dwellers need to be in places like Gate City. HR1995 is designed to correct a federal power grab that is a very, very bad idea--DeWeese suspects it's bad by design, intended to harm American small towns.


Won't be news long, but the Huffington Post shared it first:


Zazzle prints "tough" customized phone covers, too. Here's a case for your Apple I-Phone, if that's what you have, with my favorite saying on it:

You can get prettier designs than that, if you want a pretty-picture cell phone case. Here's one that goes with what's rapidly becoming the majority license plate style in my home town:

Or would you prefer roses?

Pastel Floral iPhone 6 case
Pastel Floral iPhone 6 case by AmyBalesDesigns
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Zazzlers are waiting to create absolutely any kind of phone cover you can imagine. If you don't find your dream phone case at the site, let us know!