Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Review: La Dame au Long Nez

A Fair Trade Book (?)

Title: La Dame au long nez 

Author: Patrick Hetier

Date: 2001

Publisher: PEMF

ISBN: 9782845261372 (according to Bing)

Length: 39 pages

Illustrations: color pictures by Nancy Ribard (as on the cover)

Quote: "Tijean s'est perdu dans le bois, et bien perdu."

Billed as a "mean story to produce fear" for picture book readers, this novel strikes the only people who seem to have discussed it in cyberspace as funny. It's a fairy tale, related in spirit to the Grimms' tale where the characters use their three wishes sticking and unsticking the sausage on each other's noses; Tijean meets a wicked enchanter who plays a mean trick on him, and then finds a way to turn the trick back against its source.

It's hard to say much more than that about the contents of a book as short as this one. It's all in French, but very basic French, suitable for primary school children or first year students. Never officially published in the United States, this book is available from at collector prices, but mislabelled as "La dame au grand nez," an "album." From the page it's hard to tell whether this refers to an audio album or to the book, which is square like an album cover, but smaller.

It's old enough that I can resell it online--for the collector price of $505 per copy + $5 per package, of which $51 will go to the author, or to a charity of his choice, if and when I can locate him. (There are two Google + accounts for +Patrick Hetier (or +Patrick Hetier ); so far I don't know whether either of those people is our author.) In real life, the book I physically own is not in collectible condition and will cost much less, even if I dress a doll, or dolls, to match the pictures.