Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Does It Matter if Trump's Been Born Again?

Doug Giles' extremely annoying web site (well, it's called Clash) shared the news that James Dobson is introducing Donald Trump as a born-again Christian.


How important is this information to me? Depends on how important it is to The Donald.

If his growing in the faith includes reading Bible passages like 1 Kings 21, which basically explains why the use of "eminent domain" is always evil and wrong and will bring disaster on a nation that allows it, and the dozens of texts that talk about defending the rights of, restoring the property of, and generally encouraging "the widow and the fatherless," then Trump's newfound faith will lead him to be the sort of President I can agree that this country needs.

If that happens, then I'll be able to agree with some of my favorite Republicans, including one of the very best sponsors this web site ever had. I'd guess that Grandma Bonnie Peters would be able to agree with them, too, and this web site would no longer be riven to its core by the most-followed news story of the year.

And I'm sure everyone is familiar with "eat my hat" stunts by now, but I'd design, make, and eat an original hat, and upload the pictures.

On the other hand Trump's rebirth could be just another public relations moment, to which the whole world knows he's addicted, and it might result in no official policy changes whatsoever. Frankly, that's what I'd expect of Trump.

But I'm willing, yea eager, to be convinced that I am wrong--that Trump has learned from the sins of his past, repented, and been reborn as a defender of the rights of all individuals, most especially of poor individuals as against wealthy ones.

(Should this post get an Amazon link? Why shouldn't it? From the world's leading exponent of born-again Christianity...)