Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14 Link Log

This was typed on June 14, but failed to go live on that day due to a power surge and subsequent Internet outage. I'm online again for the first time on June 21. Other people seem to have had Internet access during the week; I have not. Categories: Animals, Charity, Christian, Energy Citizens Notice, Gardening, Health, Introvert Stuff, Orlando, Politics, Real World News, Song, Weird News, Words, Writing.


Would you consider keeping box turtles in the garden? Why not? If you have a large garden, there's room for them. They eat greenery, but they eat relatively little and can reach only slow-growing plants, which means that after the flowers and vegetables get a start the turtles are likely to eat new weed growth in the poison-free garden. They eat all kinds of worms, bugs, and creeping things...some good ones you wanted to encourage, but also some of the nuisance species. They're also cute.


At the Cat Sanctuary, where I've been eating raspberries this week, box turtles are welcome. I don't know how many stingingworms they actually eat, but the turtles who get in among the raspberries are eating something--not the raspberries, so possibly they're eating the only pest the raspberries attract.


Frogs and toads are part of a natural pest control program. They belong in all gardens. The more the merrier, or do I mean "hoppier"?



Hmm. Here's a graduate student who's been ill, so he took advantage of the university's medical college for treatment. Now he owes the university too much money to be able to take those last two courses and finish his degree. I heard about this from a friend of his who's circulating a Change.org petition asking the university to let students continue to take classes while racking up debt to the university. For obvious reasons this seems likely to be an unprofitable move, for the university and for students. However, if anybody out there wants to help the young man pay his medical bills, here's his Go Fund Me page:


Do I need one too? I don't mind seeing what this site can do, but the computer did some funny things in the course of setting up this description of the Frugal Gracious Living Challenge. If you want to support this web site and not their web site, e-mail salolianigodagewi @ yahoo for our Paypal address, or send a postal money order to P.O. Box 322, Gate City, Virginia 24251-0322.



Tim LaHaye offers guidance to would-be Bible Mavens:


Energy Citizens Notice 

Townhall.com forwarded a sponsored e-mail from an organization called "Energy Citizens." They want to legalize fracking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This web site would like Congressman Griffith, U.S. Senators Kaine and Warner, Delegate Kilgore, and State Senator Carrico to know that this web site's position has not changed. Townhall.com attracts some good writers using the tainted money of groups like "Energy Citizens," but the position of this web site is that "Energy Citizens" is a social networking scam group that aggressively use spam, junk phone calls, and sneaky web codes to make it appear that people support things they do not support. Anything connected with "Energy Citizens" deserves to be blocked from everyone's phone, e-mail, and all other contact media.


Did I ever tell you that Mrs. McCave had twenty-three sons and she named'em all Dave? Dave Brat, Dave Barry, Dave's Garden, were all in a row in the e-mail in-box this morning...I like this article. I wish it had been longer, and discussed the origins of different willow species.


The National Geographic has the news round-up on "Roundup":


And meanwhile (sorry it's a PDF), "Roundup" has been breeding "superweeds." My parents could have predicted that in 1973, which was when they started me reading our then Pastor Herbert W. Armstrong's articles about how the Bible tells farmers to rotate crops instead of guaranteeing crop failure by monocropping and then trying to make up for the damage with poisons. HWA's theology may have been controversial; his science, so far as he had read the science, was solid...and it still is.


Or would you rather trust Bill Nye? Talk about two informants who disagree radically on other things...



Can vegetables be made sexy? The official magazine for followers of "The New Authentic Kind and Enlightened Diet" thinks so. (Shared by John McDougall.)


Introvert Stuff 

The stereotype is that introverts aren't good at public speaking (or singing, acting, etc.). Bosh. Actually, if we focus on the topic and believe it's more important than our self-consciousness, we can even do door-to-door sales better than extroverts do. (The problem with sales careers for introverts is that nobody ever hires salesmen to push really good products around from door to door.)



Some good thing comes out of every bad thing. Here, for the first time since Mary Daly's demise, is a really great quote from a homosexual activist: "America seems to be the only country where, when someone does something wrong, a cry goes out to punish those who didn't do it."



Thanks to Tweep Robert Whitmore for sharing this sneak peek at the Bilderberg Conference. The Independent web site is awfully annoying...be prepared!


Real World News 

The good news: Priscilla's Internet Portal finally has a physical location. The bad news: we're not licensed to open it as an actual store. We can store things at a place in town from which they can easily be loaded into your vehicle, but we can't let you come in to browse...yet!

This is partly due to security. Anyone selling secondhand goods is apt to have a lot of trash and a little bit of treasure...and last week I discovered, among the mold-exposed, literally dime-a-dozen, books I've collected over twenty years of secondhand book sales, a quaint, colorful little picture book that's currently being sold on Amazon for $500. Why? Because it's rare; it's just another cute little fairytale with cartoon-like pictures, but it's not officially been published in the United States. U.S. libraries used to offer children's books in French. During the year when a library of which I was a registered "Friend" discontinued its children's French collection, someone had donated my copy of La Dame au long nez to the library. It was never processed into the library, but sold during the dollar-a-bag sale. And now, if it hadn't belonged to two other people before me, it'd be worth $500. (Since it has, I'll sell my clean-smelling used copy online for $400.)



Those who can listen to it online are invited to tell me how good (or bad) the tune is:


Weird News 

Shared by Dave Barry:



"Non-binary" is not an adequate replacement for "gender-confused," even though it is a good word for the category that includes "gender-confused"...



Here's a site that might interest someone like +Andria Perry :