Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30 Link Log

Well, it looks as if I've not been hired to write "more polarizing" Republican articles. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't. I could've used the money, but writing as my bipartisan self is undeniably more fun. "The Green Rant" was long enough, today, to be a separate post; scroll down for an annoying Green link. Categories: Amazon, Animals, Constitutional Rights, Gardening, Gloating, Holiday, Politics, Turkey Update, Zazzle.


This web site is getting traffic from...this site? Huzza! (Their "top story" is about how to incorporate Amazon links into blog posts. As noted here, Amazon offers "newer" ways to do this if you're in a place where it's possible to get anything inside an "i-frame" to work. I don't; when it's possible to get a privately owned computer to display an "i-frame," which in my part of the world is seldom, the computer immediately begins screaming and quivering with security warnings so that you can't do anything else until you've dismantled that horrible "i-frame," so if you use the "i-frame" method to add your links, and I read your blog, your Amazon links may not even show on my screen.)


The original Smokey the Bear (who wore trousers, and a hat, when he posed upright for his fans) is long gone, but a living bear is walking like a man in New Jersey today. If this really is my last Washington Post article for the month of June, at least it's cute and interesting enough...

Constitutional Rights 

It's the indisputable truth contained within overtly hostile and offensive articles, like this one, that make every effort to reopen the gun control debate such a bonanza for gun dealers. Well, personally I don't mind a bonanza for our local Gun & Pawn stores, so...Fair disclosure: the Clintons were not actually videotaped dancing on Justice Scalia's grave, entertaining though that spectacle would have been. Just another metaphor.

What about that unenumerated right to privacy? Who gave Google the right to map every 9x9' square of land on Earth? This isn't cool, actually; it's evil. Thanks to the Post for...warning people. (Below the explanation of the warning, there are more of the best puns in Washington. Scroll down for comic relief.)

However, it didn't take much clicking around the West End of Gate City to find an intriguingly apropos three-word tag. The Pentecostal Powerhouse Church is one of a group of local churches that used to have a strict dress code, so it seems appropriate that members are now relaxing the dress code, slightly, on a strictly individual basis--you can still spot older members just by their clothes, but younger ones, not so much...and the church's three-word tag, or one of them, is "invite.outfits.broadened".

If you want to play with this, this web site recommends using business addresses only. This web site also recommends a federal law mandating that the whole idea of mapping private property, by any kind of code whatsoever, using any computer that can be interfaced with the public Internet, should be made a felony. I'm pleased to report that at least the maps of private roads and homes in my neighborhood look pretty thoroughly confused...which is as they should be. If you don't know who lives in which house, you should not be able to see an image of my neighborhood, and if you do see one, by all means it should show the "addresses" Google has assigned to actual houses in places where no house has ever stood, and the names of roads on completely different roads...and more than that. (Basically, if Google's image of the public and private roads in my neighborhood were identified with a lot of penguin paths in Antarctica, that would be fine by me.)


I hesitate to recommend this one because the "slideshow" format is sooo clunky...but here's a quick Top Ten List of garden pests and True Green ways to control them.


Michaels craft store, here we come! I just "earned" $25 worth of free luxury yarn by taking surveys, the last one about new movies, which I'm sure all of you young people would know more about than I do. Would you like to earn free stuff too? You don't have to buy craft supplies at Michaels; it could be Amazon or CVS, or even a donation to UNICEF if you want to make one. Young people who are still shopping around for everything earn free stuff faster than those of us who already have most of the things we plan to buy in this lifetime. You can search for Yougov and join it all by yourself, but both you and I will get more free stuff sooner if you click on this link to join Yougov. This is a legitimate survey site that will not clog your e-mailbox with spam.

Lily Sugar'n Cream Yarn, White 14 oz Cone

In July, I always knit with cotton yarn. For a relatively cheap brand often recommended for dishcloth making, Sugar'n'Cream has proved to be a soft, wearable, durable yarn for blankets or sweaters too. It comes in lots of colors, including mad mixes of purple, chartreuse, aqua and hot pink, or that lovely laid-back pale beige with subtle reddish and bluish flecks that I've been knitting with during the past year. White was what showed up most true to life on the screen. Black is what I'll probably get with my Yougov card, because many other knitters avoid knitting black sweaters, and lots of people want to wear them.


I don't know whether I'll be online during the holiday week or weekend, so let me post this now. No sparklers over firecrackers outside homes of hypertensive seniors with PTSD...and if you cruise past my house on noisy nuisance vehicles, plan to buy several new tires, because the animals may be gentle but the road is vicious.


Larry Elder nominates Vin Scully for president. Meh...better'n Bernie.

Dave Brat just signed a pledge that...I'd like to like better than I do. The problem part is the part about the market-driven energy. The idea of market-driven energy is good, but it's going to take a lot of discipline and effort to keep greedheads from driving the energy market in the right direction.

I mean: yes, I've met coal miners, both former and active, and shaken their hands, in public places. Not only do they go to college, these days; they go to a college of which I'm a "graduate" with library privileges. No, I don't want them to become unemployment statistics. I'll claim them as soul brothers because they would literally rather die than welfare-cheat, and I respect that. But why should they have to die, and why should our land have to die? Why can't they just move right into the business of energy independence by outfitting Southwest Virginia homes with solar panels? I want a coal miner to install a row of those lovely things in my orchard, right over the roots of the deceased peach trees, where they won't do the apples or blueberries a bit of harm and they'll do me some actual good. (I've Twitted Terry Kilgore about this because I know he cares about the coal miners too.)

I'm leery of this map, because by definition illegal immigration relies on inaccurate documents, so how can you really tell? Nevertheless...there's another organization called F.A.I.R. that may want to check these reported facts. When both F.A.I.R.s have hashed'em out, and explained their methods for collecting and verifying data, this set of facts will interest me.

Turkey Update 

Individual ISIS goons traced to countries...bah. From any part of the Earth ISIS scrapes the scum.


What popped up on the link that came in the e-mail is just too pretty not to share.

Btw, when I've not been online, in June, I've been writing book and product reviews from inside the future home of the Internet Portal; there are some cute serving trays there, too, and one day you may even see them here. Meanwhile...Gena Greene, where are you? Artists and photographers can upload unique designs for serving trays onto Zazzle. Theoretically the person who shares a link to a Zazzle product earns a higher commission than the designer, which isn't exactly fair but is meant to encourage Zazzlers to help one another.

Here's a smaller, admittedly less pretty, also cheaper tray. Next week I intend to post something about how important this slogan can be for Christians...

...A poor design but mine own.