Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yes, I'm Still Alive...

Yes, I'm still alive...but offline. A week ago, I got online long enough to share some things from the e-mail and create a full-length Link Log; then a power surge first closed and reopened, then shut down, all the browsers in the building, before the Link Log could even be posted. Apparently some people in my part of the world have been online during the past week. I have not. I've been coming into town, writing fresh new book reviews, and not being able to post them.

Today my first task will be to get those reviews online, approximately in the order in which they were written, and then read back through as much e-mail as may be possible. I don't know what, if anything, will go live. It's storm season and there have been a lot of WiFi problems in this part of the world. This computer monitors which local WiFi networks are and aren't working and shows a lot of them blinking in and out, minute to minute; apparently one local family has had fairly steady access, but even the county buildings have not.

Just so you'll know...the task list is e-mail (including Twitter), blog feed, Google +, Blogjob, Live Journal. It's a very rare day when I read everything I want to read to compile the Link Logs and Portal Paper I think youall and I deserve. This is very unlikely to be the day. Most people I see in cyberspace seem to be all about "Who's reading my stuff? Who's buying my stuff?" and not seriously concerned about reading each other's stuff. Sometimes I think I'm the only one out there who even tries to spend equal amounts of time "listening" and "talking." But, after two weeks with only half a day of Internet access, I'm far behind.