Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21 Link Log

Will I actually have time to post even a short Link Log today? Possibly yes. Categories: News, Psychology, Virginia History.


Well, first of all...did you hear? Going by my e-mail, it looks as if most respondents read this story last week. That doesn't tell me anything about other readers.



Some of the key differences between a living brain and a computer.


And Dr. McDougall is hosting a "Webinar," of which part 1 took place last week and part 2 will be taking place on Thursday, with psychologist Doug Lisle. The topic is emotional eating; the audience will include people discussing the psychological aspects of going vegan and/or encouraging family members to try vegan meals. Insights into people like the patient's son who, when I cooked a big pot of vegan beans for the patient and family to try, felt a real need to plop a big slab of pork fatback into it.


Virginia History 

This web site endorses the writer's position. Gentle Readers, if you want to tour Fauquier County, please ask Martha Boneta to show you where Stonewall Jackson may have camped, and explain all about which Stonewall Jackson. (This web site never could believe anybody would have the gall to appear on the Grand Ole Opry under that name, especially with only the level of success and talent he had, but yes, he did. Possibly it was at least the legal name his parents gave him. Anyway, despite its mention in Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs, from which "country" songs were supposed to be excluded, this web site liked "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.")