Friday, October 28, 2016

Haiku in Batches

The trouble with writing haiku is that it's hard to stop. Everything that comes to mind starts coming to mind in 5-7-5 forms. (This latest burst of haiku was triggered by a contest...)

Cafe Ceremony

Turn on computer.
Two Sweet’n’Lo, one sugar.
Sip coffee slowly.

Haiku for Hyattsville

Large pale grey crickets
Nest and chirp in our carpets.
We have no roaches.

Cyclists Beware (A Froggy Night on the Possum Creek Road)

Summer sky foggy,
Gardens flooded, earth soggy,
Caution: road’s froggy.

Bow to Tradition

All haiku writers
Should walk at least once, in spring,
Through cherry petals.

Writer Pleads for Mercy

O please, kind people,
A serious job! I’m writing

Too many haiku!