Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Review: Retirement the Get Even Years

Title: Retirement the Get Even Years

Author: Fred Sahner

Date: 1998

Publisher: CCC Publications

ISBN: 1-57644- 049-4

Length: 90 pages

Illustrations: cartoons by Lennie Peterson

Quote: “Leaving the work force can be a difficult separation. You might feel sad for a full three seconds.”

Not to suggest that all, or even most, retired people are ill, but this is one of those small, light-to-hold, easy-to-read books, with lots of 18-point type, that are very easy to read in bed.

“The fifteen sure fire signs that you are ready for retirement are...1. You start referring to forty-year-olds as ‘kids’…”

“The Retired Person’s Daily Schedule…Morning: Wake up (roll over and go back to sleep). Wake up (when good and ready). Scratch. Brush teeth (where applicable)…”

“By watching what we eat, and more importantly, what kinds of beer we’re drinking, we can stay around to annoy our friends and families for a long time.”

I’d better stop quoting or I’ll reprint this whole little book, but I do recommend it, because this book is just so dang cute and clever about the joys of retirement that it’s likely to motivate anyone who has the option to go on working. So, retirement is something to laugh about. Sahner got that right. Take these chortles and pass them around.

Unfortunately Sahner no longer has any use for a dollar, and the minimum price for books bought at this web site still applies: $5 per book, $5 per package, $1 per online payment. However, this thin book will fit into a package with other books that are Fair Trade Books; scroll down for ideas, or you could just request any book that's widely available secondhand although its author is still alive.