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October 5 Link Log

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Taco Day? Why not? Did you know there were special tacos made for dogs and humans to share?


Not necessarily my cup of tea, but it may be yours...profits from Debt of Fear are dedicated to help veterans suffering from PTSD:

Debt of Fear (Logan Falcone Series Book 1) by [Reid Jr, Michael]


Right here on Blogspot, yet...Note that by supporting this blogger's right to post on Blogspot I'm not saying I agree with him. I'm American, Protestant, libertarian; he's European-influenced, Catholic, hierarchical. I'm saying that he's not been banned for posting anything that will harm your computer (more than all Blogspot blogs do--we all have cookies). He's been banned for posting quaint, quirky, traditional-Euro-Catholic content that's offended some homosexual lobbyists and probably some Jewish readers...who I say should get over themselves already. Call him out on facts and refute his arguments if his facts and arguments deserve it, but don't try to censor his blog. (Remember Niemoller...the classic quote was ganked from Bing, and is likely to be re-ganked any time this web site hears of a case of censorship based on prejudice against opinions.)

Image result for niemoller quote first they came


Have I mentioned that this site does an excellent job mixing sermon notes with video clips?


No regular reader of this web site should be surprised:

Disasters (Other than Election 2016)

Latest hurricane update at the time of writing:


Why one popular sex education technique may not work as well as hoped...

While this one...ah yes...because women are such bizarre, unpredictable, irrational lifeforms that we'd choose a painful, dangerous, expensive surgical operation over the pleasure of safe sex. So abortion is a woman's choice, not something thrust upon her by a selfish man and/or overcontrolling parents and/or poverty. And at this public high school, they think they can find fourteen-year-olds who believe this? (This web site would never endorse the claim that the blob of glup that is a fetus has any rights. No human has a right to parasitize another human, so if a fetus were a "person" it could be shot for trespassing. But women have a right to insist on safe sex rather than being bullied into "choosing" abortion.)


You already knew how a low-fat, complex-carbs, vegan diet can help prevent or reverse cardiovascular disease, didn't you? When I was in college this was News, and everybody and her dog had heard about it. Meh...a lot of people went ahead and got into the Atkins thing instead, so maybe some people will have questions to ask at this McDougall Webinar. If you're one of them, here's your e-vite and reading list.

If you're already familiar with this material, you might want to skip to this month's McDougall Recipes:

Politics (Election 2016) 

The Huffington Post e-mail didn't reach me first, but it does have something approaching a full transcript:

A real liberal Twitters through the vice-presidential debate:

His host newspaper fact-checks the claims made in the debate:

A moderate right-winger zooms in on Senator Kaine's worst line...I know what he meant. I think all Virginians have a little emotional scar from the Virginia Tech murders, the way all people from Colorado have one from the Columbine murders and so on. Mine throbs, too, reading the Tweets. So why is the Senator ignoring the Prozac Dementia Factor? How many people have to be murdered before we admit that, whether they have access to guns or not, some people react to popular prescription antidepressants by becoming violently insane and murdering anyone within range with whatever means they can find? Some people on Prozac, Paxil, Serafem, etc. etc. etc., should not have access to guns, knives, pencils, or stiff-soled shoes. The only way to identify those people is to supervise all users of these drugs.

I didn't get that last-minute invitation to watch the debate. It might have happened--I had planned to do a few quick chores with a Republican friend who has a TV set--but what did happen was that I didn't find her or any of her family all night. In a large blended/extended family, the possibilities are unlimited, and much more interesting than the debate; from what the pages show, neither candidate said anything this web site wouldn't have predicted. I didn't miss much.

It would've been sort of interesting to watch their nonverbal communication, though; I've never seen Kaine on live video. Sometimes the nonverbal communication is the interesting part of a debate. Before I watched Gore, Quayle, and Stockdale debate I thought both Gore and Quayle were nice, bland, not terribly interesting young men. After watching them patronize the Admiral I thought both of them were, at best, too young to be electable.

Then again, maybe that's the point: vice-presidents aren't supposed to seem presidential before the last year of the president's last term.

Meanwhile, who's supporting Candidate Clinton? (Remember when this article would have destroyed her campaign?)

Now some good news...on the ballot, along with whichever presidential candidates you decide you most want to vote against, there will also be some local people you probably want to vote for. So, although this web site is not supporting a presidential candidate, this web site does urge all U.S. readers to make sure you're registered to vote in the State where you live. (If you have multiple homes in more than one State, pick one and stick to it--there are other ways to support any candidates you respect in the other State--we discussed that years ago.) Here's where to find out when and how to register:


Jerry Jenkins on why we just can't give it up:

I have mixed feelings about Niume. The site clunks on this computer in an uninspiring way. E-friends from Associated Content, Constant Content, Hubpages, Bubblews, Chatabout, Blogjob, Blogbourne, etc. etc. etc., are going to Niume. Some of them are making money there, at a rate of one penny (U.S.) per ten page views. I don't just looks too much like a clunkier version of Bubblews to me. Anyway, here's a link you can use if you want to try collecting what AC used to call "performance payments only" on your blog posts.

This link.

I did earn "performance payments" at AC, but not enough that, so far, I've felt inspired to write anything new for Niume. "Performance payments" paid about as well as taking surveys...and taking surveys is faster. (If you use that link to sign up, both you and I get extra points toward a store card.)


Today's half-price sale at Zazzle is postcards. Here's one of several featuring +Ruth Cox 's friend Valentino:

Or, for the non-dog people out there...