Monday, October 3, 2016

Book Review: Rodney Bounced Too Much on Monday

(This one never went live at Blogjob because I never thought of enough words to say about this very short picture book.)

Title: Rodney Bounced Too Much on Monday
Author: Ray Broekel
Date: 1964
Publisher: E.C. Seale & Company
ISBN: none
Length: 64 pages
Illustrations: cartoons by Joe Reisner
Quote: “From the minute he arrived at the Pecksmith Zoo, Rodney never stopped bouncing.”
Rodney is a kangaroo. His natural tendency to hop has been enhanced even further by his learning how to use a pogo stick. He bounces even while he eats. One Monday he bounces out of his cage and into the other animals’ spaces, creating chaos. Rodney doesn’t fit in at that zoo at all. But he doesn’t get a prescription for medication; Rodney is allowed to find a place where his bounciness is appreciated.
Rodney Bounced Too Much on Monday is recommended to all parents of primary school children. The drawings aren’t great—I’m not sure what species the animal character Zanzibar is supposed to be—but the idea that Rodney needs space, not pills, is excellent.

Ray Broekel no longer needs the money he'd get if this were a Fair Trade Book. Nevertheless, the book has gone into collector prices. To buy it here, send $15 per copy + $5 per package + $1 per online payment to either address at the very bottom of the screen.