Thursday, October 27, 2016

John McDougall on Diabetes

John McDougall just may have the most efficient protocol for reversing or preventing adult-onset diabetes on Earth. If you’re diabetic or know someone who is, and aren’t familiar with the McDougall Program, this webinar may be for you. Read those links fast! You have a little over two hours!

I haaate web sites that display pictures of fat people to market weight-loss diets. That's not really what this post is about, though. People use a McDougall diet to control, reverse, or prevent chronic diseases to which they are (verifiably) vulnerable, like diabetes. Adult-onset diabetes usually develops in fat people. Reversing or controlling the disease usually does involve weight loss. This poster gal for the McDougall Program happens to like the way she looks without the ninety ugly pounds. 

In case you're's possible to gain or keep surplus body fat on a McDougall diet, though it's not common. There's an old joke that explains...

In 1943 some soldiers from different Allied troops are hanging out together, and Ivan says, "The Soviet Army is tough but at least the food is good...2000 calories a day."

Tommy says, "Good for you old chap...His Majesty's Army get 2500 calories a day."

Sammy says, "Eat yer hearts out, the U.S. Army we get 3000 calories a day."

And Ivan says, "This is a joke, yes? Nobody could eat that many potatoes!"

It is, however, possible to consume 2000 calories from potatoes and other veg while being inactive enough to burn only 1500 calories. So there is a McDougall diet specifically for those who need to count calories and lose weight...but the McDougalls are all about planning your diet so that you feel good. Looking good is a by-product.