Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 13 Link Log

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Save the wolverines? ? ??? Well, you can read more about'em at the link. Despite the name wolverines aren't like smaller wolves (which would be dogs or coyotes); more like a kind of giant weasel that can be as deadly as a wolf. In theory they could kill and eat humans. (Wolverines have been known to kill and eat wolves, and vice versa, depending on which individual animal was hungrier. They have attacked bears, too. They're known to kill and eat moose, elk, and caribou.) There's no record of them actually preying on humans but they certainly kill livestock. I'll leave this petition for people in northern Michigan, Minnesota, Canada, etc.

save the wolverines

For similar reasons, I'll leave this one (about tigers) for people in India and Bangladesh.

save the tigers

Less alarming wild animal: this butterfly is startling because it's huge, but at this stage of its life, at least, it's harmless. (As a caterpillar it might have been a nuisance in an orange grove.)

Friendlier animals: here's an article that's making me wonder whether my dog friend Sydney, immortalized on Twitter by not liking to squat down in the snow, needs a set of dog slippers.


I don't currently live with a child young enough for "first books about" tour destinations. If you do, this raffle may be for you:

(For those who have the money and like anthropomorphic cartoon cats as tour guides...)


Yesterday's prayer from the Concerned Women of America went under "politics" because they're praying, and committing to at least one day of fasting, specifically for this trainwreck of an election. Today's goes under Christian because, well, they are.

Pray for the President.
We pray for kings
And those in authority
That we may live peaceful lives
For this is pleasing to You.
I Timothy 2:1-4 – “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”


Enforcing cell phone etiquette:


I don't often link to commercial sites with images of shoes, but this is special. This site promises to fit knee-high boots to your measurements, whether your legs are extra-long, extra-curved, extra-wide, or extra-sensitive (as it might be due to diabetes or varicose veins). Now seniors can enjoy warm, tall, and also snakeproof boots too...for a price, of course.

(By the way, if you e-mail salolianigodagewi @ yahoo your measurements, I can knit knee-high slipper-socks for a perfect fit, also. Pure cotton slipper-socks cost $15 per pair.)

Food (Yum) 

For serious carnivores, a meat sauce traditionally used to garnish meat:

For vegans, a meat-free sauce with could use rice (or rice-based pasta) too. Ketchup and canned pasta sauce may or may not be gluten-free, so check labels. If unable to find satisfactory ketchup, you could use tomato paste, which would also make a more savory sauce...

For vegetarians and gluten-free breakfast eaters...I like that the cheese is optional. (I'd leave it out.)


How's this for a painless way to learn vocabulary words?


Which songs stick in your mind, or pop into your mind, and why?


Something else for which we need to pray. (Btw, I just discovered that there is a way to read articles at Open the regular link, as below. Wait for the site clutter to stop jiggling around and reorganizing itself, which it should in two to five seconds. Find the printer icon below the title. Click on the little printer to make all the nasty site clutter, including photos of politicians whose faces everybody knows and few people particularly enjoy looking at, disappear.)


Isn't this the cutest baby picture you've seen since the last baby in your life started walking and talking?

The beauty of California:


Another e-mail contained an unintentional howler to which I'm not going to link because my purpose is not to embarrass the correspondent, but..."Will you help us call voters, in their homes, from your home, in aid of a candidate?" Believing that this is a good-faith suggestion from people who genuinely support the candidate they specified, I reply: Dear correspondents, when I personally am in doubt, I vote against any candidate whose supporters have annoyed me with unexpected phone calls. My friends and relatives have long agreed that unplanned phone calls are for emergencies only, so if I pick up a phone thinking "S/he is in town already?" or "Nobody I know is travelling, so who's in the hospital this time?" and hear some sort of solicitation in aid of a product or candidate, I feel real hostility toward that product or candidate.

Candidate Pence shows more of the confusion about forgiveness that’s been created by ignorant people who shouldn’t have tried to write or talk about this topic. Forgiveness begins with repentance. Whether Candidate Trump’s foul mouth even bothered you or not, nobody can forgive him until he sincerely repents.

Phil Robertson, too, overlooks Trump’s lack of repentance.

Jonah Goldberg parses Trump's gaffe the same way I do.

While this one…shows clearly that John Podesta didn’t check his e-mails for grammar. That can be dangerous…like the difference between the real panda that “eats shoots and leaves” and the maniac in the panda suit who goes into a restaurant and “eats, shoots, and leaves.” The sentence Podesta typed clearly meant to say “I know HRC hates ‘everyday Americans,’ but I think we should use it once when she says ‘I’m running for president because everyday Americans need’” and so on. For want of a few quotation marks…well, this election needs all the comic relief it can get.


Martial arts:


It's official: the idea that "nerds" are "losers" is a joke.

Writing (General)

How good a tip is this? I have no idea. Youall should tell me.

Btw, for those who don't already know: Blogspot/Blogger/Google-hosted blogs have a lovely index feature called "labels." If you want to see the kind of thing a blogger, e.g. I, write about a specific topic, e.g. health, you can find--not all of it, but everything I remembered to label with "health," at this site specifically excluding the Link Logs that contain things I've read not written about health--by creating a search like the one linked below. (It'll work only if the blog site does in fact use a label like "health," or "poetry," or whatever. A search for, e.g., "" wouldn't generate results because, although this web site has reviewed a fair number of celebrity biographies and memoirs, we don't have a label for "celebrity" as such. Also, the usual search-engine rules apply: "search/label/animal" will work if the site uses the label "animals," but "search/label/animals" wouldn't work if the site uses the label "animal.")

Writing (Awesome) 

Remember some posts that appeared here and at Blogjob about social media and the deadly sin of envy, starting with a friend's post about the "Rich Kids of Instagram"? This is what those posts might have been if I'd worked on them both harder and smarter. I've never envied the stuff with which people pose in their snapshots but I do envy Laura McKowen's having written this post:


Today's e-mail from Zazzle advertised leggings. I'm underwhelmed by several of the designs I saw because too many designers either continued the print design or printed an image that could be considered to have a focal point in a section of the leggings that wouldn't show under the tunic, sweater, sweatshirt, leotards, or dress a reasonable person would be wearing on top. can order these the way you see them, or order your name, your exercise/dance/yoga club name, or a message of your choice printed around the ankles.

Fix Facts First leggings (in addition to white or a solid-color background, they could have a bark-print, or cloud-print, or other whimsical background):