Friday, October 21, 2016

Terrible Minds Scary Story Link Roundup (Parts 1 and 2 of 3)

Regular readers know that I joined Chuck Wendig's scary story challenge, in which several writers posted part one of a scary story as it occurred to us, then each wrote part two of someone else's story. Next week, those still participating will be posting part three of yet another story, which means each story will theoretically have been written by three different people. Here's a link roundup (so far) of how to read parts one and two of each story...

Wendig explains the rules, and writers check in and link up in the comment sections, here:

Stories (alphabetically by the screen names of the authors of part one, with keywords supplied as temporary titles if the authors haven't given them official titles):

Boundbeautifunk's story, Stranger at the Table, part one:

Part two:

Chris Chambers' story, Sleep, part one:

Part two:

Christopher's story, Badfellas, part one:

Doug K Zeigler's story, Genetics of Revenge, part one (Warning: all of these stories contain gross-outs, but this one contains obscene sexualized violence):

Jemima Pett's story, Black Dog, part one:

Black Dog, part two:

J.F. Capps' story, End of the World, part one:

Kaleiyah P's story, Bradley Portrait, part one:

Laura's story, Scottish Play, part one:

Martin Perlin's story, Your Next, part one:

Matthew X. Gomez's story, What Lurks in Shadows, part one:

Part two:

Mozette's story, The Bubble, part one:

(Is "part one of four" scaring people off? I want to see what people with street drug experience have to add to this story!)

Nate F's story, Ashore, part one:

Part two:

Pavowski's story, Laughing Matter, part one, has two alternative Part Two's:

Part two (first one posted):

Part two (second one posted):

Priscilla King's story, Grim Reaper, part one:

Part two:

Rebecca Douglass's story, Witching Weather, part one:

Part two:

Rebekah Spark's story, part one:

Part two:

Rosemary Carlson's story, Dark Fairy, part one:

Part two:

Sertysh's story, Fat Man and Apocalypse, part one:

Part two:

Shana Horn's story, Blood, part one:

Part two:

Skye's story, Tarot, part one...generated three Part Two's:

Part two (first one posted):

Part two (second one posted):

Part two (third one posted):

Sugar And Mice's story, Tilt, part one:

Swampyanky's story, Gyascutus, part one:

Tonya R. Moore's story, River Duppy, part one:

Vicente Ruiz's story, Crow, prequel:

Part one: