Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26 Link Log

Hurrah! The Book of Barkley came in the mail; Kid Chef should be in the mail by Friday. It's time to go home and read The Book of Barkley. Categories: Animals, Books, Christian, Food, Obamacare, Obituary, Picture, Poem, Politics, Writing, Zazzle. 


Funny thing about DNA: all animals, including humans, have a lot more DNA in common than scientists ever guessed. The same genes for color, hair texture, perceptivity, the tendency to be long and lean more than short and chunky, the chemical composition of animal tissue that makes almost all meat taste “sort of like chicken,” all kinds of things, are actually found among different species. Not only do humans share more than 90% of our DNA with apes; we share more than 90% of our DNA with hamsters—and we share enough DNA for bioengineering purposes with insects, plants, and disease germs. Which partly explains the superficial resemblances between dog and cat, dog and horse, cat and bunny, etc. etc., in this photo sequence:


Not my favorite kind of book, but Wendy Welch’s pick might be your favorite…

Wendelin Van Draanen’s new book might or might not please me more, because I tend to like fiction written for children, which is usually about learning experiences, better than fiction written for adults, which is usually about adultery and murder. Even if what a ten-year-old child character learns is something all the kids in your family had learned by age four, it’s never quite as stale as adultery and murder.

Well, sometimes working out “whodunit” is interesting, if a “mystery” is well written.   


The Concerned Women of America are praying for the police, today. There was a link, and I tried to paste it in, but for whatever reason the link didn't work. Here is the prayer for those who want to add it to their own:

Pray for law enforcement.

We ask, oh Lord, for your protection for those who uphold our laws;
Instill in their hearts wisdom, self-control, and compassion.
Help their judgments to be sound.
Grant them discernment in the midst of potentially violent situations.
Lend healing to those communities
Who have learned to distrust our law enforcement.

Romans 13:3 – “For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval.”

Meanwhile, here's a modern U.S. citizen, with a "real job," reviving the medieval notion of "pilgrimages." She's actually kept playing with this idea until she found a way to put some spirituality back into it.

Food (Silly)

Panic! Someone tweaked a recipe! Ooohhh, and all the people who call something cornbread and serve it with the main course instead of dessert, and they've put sugar in it...all these years I didn't realize...those people don't just have sugar cravings--it's been cultural appropriation! It's an act of war! Putting sugar in cornbread may cause the Southern States to cease to exist! In other words: this link is. Soooo. Silly.


Sonya Sasser's rant may refresh our memories of some of the major flaws in Obamacare:


Bobby Vee.


Waterfalls in Washington state:

Scenic Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee:


Here’s a free-verse poem that comes close to expressing what I’ve felt when neighbors have logged their woodlots.

Charlotte Mew wrote something similar, with irregular rhyme and rhythm.

Politics (Election 2016) 

Thanks to Norb Leahy for sharing this analysis of one way the election could easily be rigged and, if tolerated, is likely to guarantee that it will be rigged:

Candidate Clinton's husband, remembered:

Which way is Scott Adams going to vote? Will he know until he hits the polls? (I don’t, by the way, have that information about myself. I know I can only cast a “real” vote against two of Clinton, Johnson, and Trump; I don’t know which two it will seem more important to vote against, or whether I’ll go with my conscience and vote against all three.)


Here’s a little secret for those who want to optimize their web sites' speed/rating factors. It’s possible both to have a huge blog archive with thousands of posts and to have a blog page that loads fast. That won’t boost you out of the “personal blog zone” as far as Google is concerned; even while logged into Google I can search for the exact title of one of my posts, plus my name, and still see lots of garbage results that contain only two of the words in the search phrase, ahead of the post I remember so well. It’s like the Penguin telling me “You know where your blog is, now click on ‘view blog’ and ‘search’ to find individual posts on it.” But if you lose Wordpress, which is just generally gnarly, and blog at either Blogger or Blogspot (both Google-hosted) or Live Journal (originally Vkontakte-hosted, but the U.S. version is set up to play nicely with Google), you can have a low-memory, fast-loading front page and a big archive…because that’s how those sites store and display blogs. All you have to do is limit the size and number of pictures, just say no to video, and limit the ad widgets to those that work well with Google. (And remind people searching for your blog posts to search at Twingly, which searches “personal blogs," rather than Bing, Google, or Yahoo, which automatically down-rate “personal blogs.”)

Yes, there are readers who will read all the way through your archives. I’ve been so honored a few times this year (when Blogspot blog archives reach a certain magnitude, Google makes it obvious when that happens—lots of sudden temporary views from one source, and one or more old, archived posts suddenly receive dozens of new views because your new fan has reposted them on social media). I’ve read all the way through the Ozarque blog and still hope, if and when I can ever make the online time, to read all the way through some other blogs…back to 1995, if some people were blogging back then.

Site speed has never been my web site’s problem—the devices I use make sure of that. It’s always loaded in seconds in Chrome, loaded reasonably smoothly in Opera, and loaded fast in the more recent versions of Explorer and even Firefox. I’m aware that controversial content, the fact that I may attract and repel the same reader in any given Link Log, is a problem for some people. Y’know what? I like to see the numbers grow, yes I do yes I do. But even more I like to make sure that the numbers are numbers of readers who actually like me and aren’t going to be shocked if they ever find out that, although I might agree with them on some things, I probably disagree with them on other things. The only way to avoid losing faithful readers is to let all the readers know where I stand, or, in most cases, where I sit, which is precisely on some sort of fence. (If I ever sound as grumpy as someone who’s been sitting on something with acute angles, now you know why.)


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