Friday, October 14, 2016

October 14 Link Log

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+Mona Andrei caught my attention with this "wasp." It's not one of the species I usually call wasps, although it's obviously something in the wasp family. Yellowjacket? (Not good car pool buddies.) European Hornet? (Very bad car pool buddies.) Something indigenous to MA's part of Canada that I've never met?

Mudpie's Human was expecting a bad cat picture. What makes this cute cat picture a "blooper" is that, with a little cropping, it'd be a good one!

We do Amazon links...we do Zazzle links...why not an occasional Petfinder link as a tribute to Barkley? Here's a cat that looks like me (LOL) in Washington, D.C. Don't you want to lead her out of that cage?

Adopt Gracie from Capital Cats:


This book is not especially rare or pricey on Amazon, although it's also being sold as a fundraiser to collect more history of this generation:

Right. Some of you have already read it. Now, should more books like this be compiled from more veterans' memoirs and souvenirs? If you think so, here's the fundraising page:

[fundraising page shared by Laura Ingraham]

Laura Ingraham, a brilliant writer and a truly diabolical fundraiser, is driving me up the wall...she keeps designating charities that don't take just $1 from Paypal or, like the American Veterans site linked immediately above, don't even take Paypal. There is only one way to deal with this living writer, Gentle Readers. Please buy four more of her books as Fair Trade Books so I can send $5 to the USO in Laura Ingraham's name! (Amazon links will take you to pages for new copies/editions; as Fair Trade Books each of these titles costs $5 per copy + $5 per package + $5 per online payment to the addresses below the Amazon giftcard widget at the bottom of the screen. I don't particularly encourage it, but yes, it's possible to pay for Fair Trade Books with Amazon giftcards for the appropriate amount.)


Did you ever use "Babe" or "Charlie" perfume?

Computer body scans for tailoring...remind me of a really old science fiction story I read in high school... The Princes of Earth was lightweight science fiction for teenagers. The point of a string of wacky space adventures was to urge young readers to stay in school: after foiling murders, kidnappings, and spaceship thefts our hero concludes his story with the idea that university "will be awfully tame after all this...I've been wrong before." Anyway, one of his less melodramatic adventures was being scanned and fitted for the perfect suit to wear for dinner with a spaceship captain. And now that sort of thing is being done in real life.

Food (Yuck) 

Pat Benn has compiled an exhaustive study of the ways stealth sugar may be disguised on food labels...y'know I actually hate when things I expect to be savory, not sugary, e.g. peanut butter, meat (even if it's some sort of sausage or luncheon meat), cornbread (when it's served as cornbread rather than as cake or muffins), spaghetti sauce, even collards for cryin' out loud, have a sugary taste. It may sound inconsistent, I realize. Since (1) both salt and sugar are dumped into processed foods as preservatives and (2) some people have demanded that food processing companies give everybody less salt because they think that might be "healthier" and (3) many people, including me, like peanut-butter-flavored desserts, why would anybody be so grinchy as to complain if all the peanut butter in the supermarket starts tasting like a dessert? I complain. I object strenuously. Reese's Cups are one thing, and peanut butter is another thing. Peanut butter should taste like ground-up peanuts, preferably like salted peanuts. Sausage, cornmeal, any kind of tomato sauce, all vegetables, etc., should also be--and taste--100% free from added sugar. If people want sugar in things that aren't meant to be desserts, let'em add it to their own dishes.

Food (Yum) 

Yogurt and kefir aren't really a "yum" for me, but I know they are for some people, so here's a kefir success story:

This one's not a recipe...more of a word study. "Crappie" looks as if it's a cute respelling of an unfavorable-description word that's banned by this site's contract. It is not. It's the proper name of an edible fish, and this is what the fish look like:


Landscape paintings:

Politics (Election 2016) 

Mike Opelka reckons y'might as well laugh:

Penny Nance and the Concerned Women continue to pray:

Pray for justice to prevail in our nation.

You reward righteousness and punish evil.
You are just.
You uphold those who put their trust in You.
Though they fall, they shall never be defeated.

Amos 5:24 – “But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

Margaret Atwood...disappoints me. Republicans need to know that The Handmaid’s Tale is not a blueprint? Republicans are not, by and large, the ones rushing to yank the books out of the libraries, turn the Internet into a morass of videos, or build a “cashless society” on credit cards. (Alan Greenspan’s Objectivism may be considered right-wing by some on the left, but he was hardly a Republican.)


Bed & Breakfasts +Beth Ann Chiles remembers:

Btw, if you happen to visit Gate City, we have a very decent B&B. The name of the web site hasn't matched the name of the Estilville Bed & Breakfast for years. No problem; it's the Bed & Breakfast.

From another corner of the state...did you know Virginia had a canyon?

How do you stay awake on a road trip? What my husband and I used to do was debate about politics. I barely qualify as a Republican Party Reptile, but he’d joined the Democrats the minute he became a legal immigrant citizen with a vote, so he’d try to pick a topic of which I saw the Republican side…The funny part was that we actually agreed on a lot of the topics that a recent Twitter survey classified as “civil society,” domestic political issues. We both knew that there’d been a time when those shared opinions had been considered radical, well beyond liberal. By now they seem to been shifted over to “conservative.”

Yet another reason (I lost count many years ago) not to buy airline tickets. (For those who’ve forgotten, one of my first batch of five articles published online, I think it may have been the first, was “Top Ten Reasons Not to Buy Airline Tickets.”) The useful, though not necessarily pleasant, news is that similar patterns of cleaning and filth-accumulation are likely to be observed on buses and trains.


Today's sale is on holiday invitations, and here's one that looks appropriate for this web site...

Of course, some people might want to wish people a Yappy New Year as well as a Meowy Christmas.

When you care enough to send the very best (to a dog person), you look for Valentino...