Friday, October 21, 2016

E-Books Are a Pain

Real books are such a treat...and "e-books" are such a pain! The following chat used up the time I would have spent in the Friday Market, if rain hadn't scared people away...before the market actually (should have) opened. (There was no rain during the time when people would have been working and shopping. It stopped about the time people would have been setting up their displays, if it hadn't been pouring during the time when they would have been driving into Gate City.)

This is why some people who e-mailed to ask where a book review was, on Amazon, haven't seen their review yet...(Some correspondents of this web site have sent us free e-books, which, because nobody had promised to review them, nobody has actually tried to print or download yet.) Note that the first forty minutes of the time mentioned below was spent trying to download the "gift" book without help.

I will, however, try to read Kid Chef without prejudice; it does look like a cute book that some of The Nephews would enjoy.

Initial Question: Priscilla King, in aid of Heifer International, supposedly received an e-book as a gift in exchange for a review. Gift order was #[deleted]. Gift claim code was [deleted]. When I pasted these numbers into the Amazon window, a demand for a credit card came up. I clicked a button to download a Kindle reader app; when I pasted the numbers into that window, nothing happened at all. Did Callisto Publisher's Club actually *give* me a copy of "Kid Chef" or is this some sort of scam?
05:55 AM PDT Kaviya(Amazon): Hello, my name is Kaviya. I'm here to help you today.
05:56 AM PDT Kaviya: Hi Priscilla
Nice to meet you !!
05:56 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Hi, Kaviya.
05:57 AM PDT Kaviya: Just to confirm are you referring to the [claim code]?
05:57 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Right.
05:58 AM PDT Kaviya: I see that you've not redeemed the book under account.
05:58 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Right. Callisto advised me to wait for an e-mail from Amazon. That never arrived. When I opened this Amazon account, I saw (and still see) nothing about this book.
05:59 AM PDT Kaviya: No worries.
06:00 AM PDT Kaviya: Please use the below link and redeem the book now
06:01 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Right. I clicked on that link, pasted in the claim code, and got this demand for credit card information. [deleted]
06:02 AM PDT Kaviya: No Priscilla. Just click the link that I've sent now.
06:05 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Right. So when I click on that link, I see a button for "accept gift." This brings up a box for the gift claim code. This brings up the following page: [deleted]. On this page is a button for "accept kindle gift." This brings up the demand for the credit card information. (Just to clarify, nobody is ever *allowed* to put credit card information online through this computer.)
06:06 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: No billing. No credit card. If the book is not actually a gift, I can do without it, and I'll post some reviews of Callisto's "gifts" too. If it is a gift, no reference to credit cards should appear on the screen.
06:06 AM PDT Kaviya: I'm really sorry Priscilla.
06:08 AM PDT Kaviya: In this case I'll provide you an alternate solution.
06:09 AM PDT Kaviya: I'll exchange the gift book as gift credit and apply to your account and using that credit please purchase the book again.
Is that okay for you !
06:09 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: It's okay if it works.
06:09 AM PDT Kaviya: Can you please hold a minute so that I can proceed?
06:10 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: If you mean leave the "Your Account" page open, yes, it's open now.
06:11 AM PDT Kaviya: I've exchanged "Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook: Healthy Recipes and Culinary Skills for the New Cook in the Kitchen" for an Gift Card in the amount of $4.49, which has been applied directly to your account
Now please use the below link and purchase the book:
06:13 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: That brought up this demand for a billing address. No billing. No mail from Amazon, ever, unless it's a book purchased with a giftcard. [deleted]
06:14 AM PDT Kaviya: No Priscilla just purchase the book using the option "Buy now with 1-click".
06:15 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Right. I clicked on that and I saw that nasty screen with the "billing address" on it. Repeat: if there's any possibility of anybody but Callisto ever receiving any "billing" related to this book, I don't want it. Wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
06:16 AM PDT Kaviya: I'm really sorry about this.
Please try again.
06:20 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I'm still seeing that "billing address" screen, and I've spent enough time on this for one day. If I'm paying for a book even as an online gift, it wouldn't be this one. I agreed to read "Kid Chef" free of charge and give Callisto a review free of charge. It's already costing me more time than it's likely to be worth to me.
06:22 AM PDT Kaviya: In this case, if you wish I can help you place the retail book.
06:23 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Place the book? On a shelf? In a job assignment? Or do you mean order it as a real book to be mailed to the real address like the other books I've ordered using giftcards?
06:25 AM PDT Kaviya: Yes, we will mail the book to your address.
Is that okay for you?
06:26 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: That's okay enough with me to pay for the loss of time, thanks...I hope it's equally okay with Callisto. (I prefer any real book to any e-book!)
06:26 AM PDT Pranoti(Amazon): Hello, my name is Pranoti. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
06:28 AM PDT Pranoti: Priscilla, just to confirm you are placing an order for ebook, right ?
06:29 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I tried to claim an e-book as a gift. That has already taken more time and trouble than the book could possibly be worth. Kaviya just offered to mail me a copy of the real book, which would make up for the inconvenience...I actually enjoy reading real books. Looking at screens, not so much. I agreed to read/review the e-book as a sort of mutual favor--publicity booster--but it's already done enough damage to my aging eyes, without my having seen the book.
06:30 AM PDT Pranoti: Thank you for confirming. May I know if you are placing the order for the book ?
06:31 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: If it's covered by the amount Amazon credited to my account, yes, let's place the order for the real book now. (No additional payment. No billing. Not ever.)
06:34 AM PDT Pranoti: Okay, so paper back is for $12.56, correct ?
06:36 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Hmm. I'm seeing "More Buying Choices
$5.50used & new(55 offers)". I don't have a problem with used books as long as they're intact. (But I'm not paying any extra charges.)
06:40 AM PDT Pranoti: Thank you.
06:41 AM PDT Pranoti: A member of our Kindle specialist team will be the perfect person to help you with this. Let me connect you to a member of our Kindle team. It will only take a moment.
06:41 AM PDT Josh(Amazon): Hello, my name is Josh. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
06:42 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: No. I agreed to accept a real book, free shipping, in exchange for the time and eyestrain this "gift" has already cost me. I no longer *want* the Kindle. I would have accepted the Kindle e-book if one click had downloaded it, yesterday...but I've already spent more than an hour on the hassle, and that's more time and trouble than any e-book could ever possibly be worth!
06:43 AM PDT Josh: We have a specific department that can help you further on this issue. Let me connect you to the correct department.​ Please stay connected. Thanks.

​06:44 AM PDT Roschelle(Amazon): Hello Priscilla, my name is Roschelle. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
06:45 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Real books are a source of pleasure. Looking at a computer screen is work.
06:47 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: And I've invested enough work in this alleged "gift" of an e-book, already, to turn me against it. It's only a cookbook, for pity's sake. I don't mind helping publicize a cookbook...if it's not a HUGE HASSLE to see the wretched thing! An hour of online headache time is more than a SCHOOL TEXTBOOK is worth!
06:47 AM PDT Roschelle: I have reviewed your concern and confirmed that a $4.49 gift card was issued on your account.
06:48 AM PDT Roschelle: May I have the link of the physical book you'd like to purchase?
06:49 AM PDT Roschelle: Can you please confirm if this is the book? [deleted]
06:49 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: "Used from $5.50." You may apply the spare change from previous giftcard purchases, but no billing for shipping!!!
06:50 AM PDT Roschelle: I understand.
06:50 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Yes, that's the book.
06:50 AM PDT Roschelle: Thanks for confirming.
06:52 AM PDT Roschelle: I don't want you to be of much hassle in purchasing a used book.
How about if I'll issue an additional promotional credit so you can just purchase a new book?
06:53 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Whatever...if a new book boosts Callisto's sales and smooths things over for them, that's fine.
06:53 AM PDT Roschelle: Don't worry, nothing will be charged on your credit card and you'll not be asked for billing address.
06:54 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: If the book and shipping are free, that'll be fine.
06:56 AM PDT Roschelle: Can you please proceed to check out and see how much will be the shipping fee so I can also waiver it off?
06:58 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: This comes up: "Select a payment method

Sign Up Now
Priscilla, Your cost could be $8.47 instead of $18.47! Open an Store Card and you'll automatically get $10.00 off instantly as a gift card.
Your available balance

Use your $6.12 Gift card balance"
06:58 AM PDT Roschelle: Do not sign up for that one.
Just proceed to checkout.
07:00 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: From this page I'm still seeing "enter payment information to continue."
07:01 AM PDT Roschelle: Don't worry about it, you will not be charged anything because you'll apply your gift card ($6.12) and the promotional credit ($12.35) entirely.
07:02 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Now, or by entering another code?
07:02 AM PDT Roschelle: Just refresh the page.
07:03 AM PDT Roschelle: Right now, you have $18.47 on your account that will cover the cost of the new book and shipping cost.
07:04 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I'm not seeing a change yet. (Refreshed three times)
07:05 AM PDT Roschelle: Please follow the steps below so I can see what you're seeing on your screen.
1. Open in a web browser.
2. From the top of the screen, look for the Amazon search bar which is right beside Shop by Department
07:05 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: You mean a new window? It's already open in Chrome.
07:05 AM PDT Roschelle: Yes, in new window.
3. Type the word "share" in the search bar.
07:06 AM PDT Roschelle: 4. When you are done, click on the search button on the right
07:07 AM PDT Roschelle: You should be on the search results page.
07:07 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: "Activation code while on the phone"? Something for Amazon to fix! I don't use the Internet from a *phone* or reveal any phone numbers online!
07:08 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I clicked "back" to get back to [deleted]
07:09 AM PDT Roschelle: Please click this one: [deleted]
Please provide the activation code you have on your screen.
07:10 AM PDT Roschelle: Please enter this one: [deleted]
07:10 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I'm seeing this: "Activation code What is this?
A customer service associate will read you the activation code while on the phone.
"...and it's unacceptable. Amazon is not allowed to talk to me on the phone.
07:11 AM PDT Roschelle: Did you enter the activation code [deleted]?
07:11 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I did.
Got this: [deleted]
07:12 AM PDT Roschelle: It looks like it's taking too long to connect.
How about we try this option.,
07:13 AM PDT Roschelle: Please log out and log back in to your Amazon account.
07:14 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Here's an even better one! Why don't you just print out the mailing address on a sheet of paper and mail me the book? I've spent more than TWO HOURS looking at screens for one wretched cookbook. It can't possibly be worth this much trouble. You can put it in the mail today, or Amazon, Kindle, and Callisto can all get one REALLY BAD review.
07:14 AM PDT Roschelle: As much as I'd love to, I do not have an option to place an order for our customers.
07:15 AM PDT Roschelle: You really just have to proceed to checkout because I have provided enough promotional credit on your account that could cover the cost of new book and its corresponding shipping cost.
07:16 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Well, then you deserve a bad review, because plenty of people have older/smaller computers and live in more remote mountainous regions even than I do. I'll give it ONE MORE SHOT before posting everywhere, all day, about the HEADACHE I got by accepting a "free gift."
07:17 AM PDT Roschelle: I am so sorry about this, Proscilla.
07:17 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: No. This is still coming up: "ON ORDER
0 items

Try Prime
View benefits
Manage balance"
07:17 AM PDT Roschelle: Just disregard that page and proceed to checkout.
07:18 AM PDT Roschelle: You have gift card ($6.12) and promotional credit ($12.35) for a total of $18.47.
You can see the promotional credit balance at checkout.
07:19 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Now I'm seeing "Shipping address [deleted]"
07:20 AM PDT Roschelle: Please click Apply.
What's the order total you're seeing?
07:20 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Well, finally something about a "courtesy credit" came up and then this came up: "Thank you, your order has been placed.
An email confirmation has been sent to you. Sign up for delivery updates by text for this and future orders.

Order Number: [deleted]
Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook: Healthy Recipes and Culinary Skills for the New Cook in the Kitchen will be shipped to Box Holder by
Estimated delivery: not yet available
Review or edit your order"
07:21 AM PDT Roschelle: Perfect!
07:21 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: So what's with "not yet available"?
07:21 AM PDT Roschelle: Your new book will now be shipped to your address.
07:22 AM PDT Roschelle: Don't worry about that, the delivery date will be updated in a few and you'll receive an email confirmation once it has shipped.
07:23 AM PDT Roschelle: I hope I was able to somehow make this right for you. Again, I am so sorry for all the trouble.
07:23 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: Well, then we'll see when it gets here. I did click on the Twitter button, and will be posting a warning to e-friends not to accept an "e-book for Kindle" as a gift! Henceforward, people who want reviews have to send me real books only.
07:24 AM PDT Roschelle: Rest assured that your voice will be heard and customer feedback like yours will help us improve our store and provide better services to our customers.
07:25 AM PDT Priscilla Heifer: I hope so. Thank you, Roschelle, and let's hope the rest of both of our work day goes better than this morning has gone.
07:25 AM PDT Roschelle: You're very much welcome, Priscilla.