Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6 Link Log

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In this cute photo essay, Barkley's heir, Abby, brags about Her Humans' home improvement project:


Comments at this blog will (1) link back to your blog, if you have one and want people to find it, and (2) raise money for a different charitable organization each month:

Disaster Update 

The Huffington Post has revised, updated, and recirculated its coverage of Hurricane Matthew. (Warning: annoying automatic-playing, memory-hogging videos.) The big'un continues to lurk offshore, reminiscent of Hurricane Floyd in 1999, during which I stayed home (in one of the projected storm paths) and watched the following storm damage occur as Maryland caught the Edge: one spindly little baby rosebush blew over, as it had been threatening to do, under the weight of its first and only bloom, all week. Huffpo annoys me by citing Matthew as proof of "climate change." Er, um...Hugo, the standard of awfulness in the states currently thought to be in Matthew's path. Camille, the standard of awfulness in Virginia. Katrina. And according to a post by Donald Pennington that died with Yahoo Voices, in the early twentieth century--before the Weather Service started giving human names to storms--we-as-a-nation survived several storms that were even bigger and badder than Katrina, back before we-who-are-now-in-cyberspace were born. Whatever Hurricane Matthew has to tell us, it's not about climate change.


While watching the debate, Dan Lewis was reminded of a vice-president who might really have been presidential timber...I don't particularly care for the title, though. Needless confusion from an effort to exploit the triviality of Internet trends. Nobody, including Dan Lewis, has ever told me anything about long-gone Vice-President Hannibal Hamlin that suggested any resemblance to the fictional character Hannibal Lecter.


What to do if an ATM starts acting like a slot machine:

North Carolina Update 

As discussed before, but this web site plans to rag on them indefinitely...the way to support Republican candidates in North Carolina is not to make it harder for whole groups of suspected Democrats to vote, but to encourage more Republicans to vote. Penny Nance (Beverly LaHaye's successor) wants to help you, neighbors. Check out this voter registration tour!

Politics (Election 2016) 

More e-mail about the vice-presidential debate than about the presidential debates, so far! A Yougov poll, too short to bother pasting in here, "scientifically" found that 21% of respondents thought Pence won, 15% thought Kaine won, 16% weren't sure, and 48% hadn't watched the debate. Norb Leahy shared this friend's commentary:

The Cato Institute rates Governor Pence as a governor...rather high:

Politics (General) 

Ron Paul gets it right. When you're poor (and discriminated against for that reason) you have a right to work for your own wages, which right an ethically acceptable state exists to protect and support--not a right to steal someone else's wages.


It was nice for at least three (actually I'm sure there are a lot more than three) of her e-friends to find Martha DeMeo's latest post...not yet evacuated, waiting to see which way the hurricane goes, snapping pictures of her roses while they're still on the bushes. This one could be classified as a Phenology Link:

But then I discovered this wonderful photo essay. I've been to this place too! Somewhere in a moldy old album I have 35mm prints of these attractions...mine have people in them and couldn't be published even if they'd been digital, but the same attractions.


Do you readers "heart" the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica as much as I do?

Or would you rather wrap things with images of cute cats?

Or grumpy cats?