Friday, October 14, 2016

Mercy Chefs Go to Lumberton

From Steve Elliott. Do we have readers in Lumberton? How are Mercy Chefs doing?

Priscilla, did you see my email yesterday about an emergency text from Mercy Chefs? Grassfire's disaster-relief partner needs to raise $10,000 THIS WEEKEND to pay for a water-purification unit. The water supply in flood-ravaged Lumberton, North Carolina will be undrinkable for weeks, but Mercy Chefs needs fresh water immediately to cook thousands of meals for flood victims and first responders. Please see my urgent update below, or click here to help now. --Steve

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Thursday afternoon:

This is urgent, so I'll keep it brief. The following is an emergency text I received a short time ago from Gary LeBlanc of Mercy Chefs, Grassfire's disaster-relief partner:

"Just heard. Water in town will be undrinkable for 2-3 weeks."
Gary and his team are on the ground in Lumberton, North Carolina. Heavy rains from Hurricane Matthew caused two levees there to breach and flood the entire city, killing a currently unknown number of people. Thousands of residents have been forced from their homes, and the entire surrounding county is without power.

We spoke to Gary earlier today, and he urgently needs Grassfire Nation's help. He stepped out in faith today to order a water-purification unit, so it can be in Lumberton tomorrow. Mercy Chefs needs fresh water for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

The water purifier costs $10,000 and can process 120 gallons per hour. This unit isn't a luxury item. It's a requirement for him to feed thousands of daily meals to flood victims and first responders in Lumberton.

I told Gary that I'd send a special, urgent appeal to Grassfire members, asking them to contribute whatever they can to purchasing this unit. Even $25 or $50 will help get fresh water to thousands of flood victims in Lumberton. Can they count on your support today?

Please click here or on the DONATE button below to make a tax-deductible gift, right now, to Mercy Chefs' relief effort in North Carolina:

Donate to Mercy Chefs

Gary also told me that the water level in Lumberton and the surrounding communities is still rising, forcing even more residents out of their homes and into shelters. (Click here to watch a video update from North Carolina.)

Mercy Chefs urgently needs your support, right now, to help feed these people. Your tax-deductible gift of $25, $50 or more will bless flood victims who have lost everything in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Please click here to give now.

Thanks in advance,