Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12 Link Log

Columbus Day or Politically Correct Alternative Day? Can the people bickering about it kindly get lives? Happy Dia de la Raza, y'all. This web site observes Roots Day, in which we celebrate our ancestors and enjoy other people's celebration of theirs.

Raza also translates as "race," because Spanish is a very economical language, but that's only "race" in the sense of ethnic "roots." Race Day, dia de la gran carrera, is something this web site may or may not officially notice happening on two Sundays each year in Bristol.

Anyway, today's Categories: Animal, Christian, Cybersecurity, Food, Funny, Green, Health, Nice, Pictures, Politics, Yougov, Zazzle.


Abby the dog waits for a special song to indicate that it's time to eat dinner:

(There is an actual Book of Barkley, which is being sold as a fundraiser to support animal rescue projects, including the spaying of Inky the Lovable Manx Waif who had to watch all her kittens succumb to Manx Syndrome last spring. On behalf of Inky, this web site thanks Barkley and his humans profusely.)

For the cat people, this picture:


Thanks to Edward at Grassfire for sharing this link:

John Horvat has researched what Thomas Aquinas had to say about immigration, generally.


The title showing at the web page is the one of which I wanted to remind you: "Say 'Hi' to the National Security Administration in your next e-mail."


Gluten-free people can eat pie; we just bake it very carefully in a pan lined with oil only, or with oil and a gluten-free crumb crust.


There's a typo in here link, because my purpose in reminding youall that half a million is not "more than" 320 million is just to share a chortle, not to embarrass the correspondent. So maybe this tidbit doesn't even belong in a Link Log. Well, it's not long enough to be a separate post is it? LOL, from this LOL, who is LOL...(= Lots Of Love, from this Little Old Lady, who is Laughing Out Loud.)

One of Hillary Clinton’s wackier ideas is to build half a million solar panels — at taxpayer expense. It would be one of the largest corporate welfare giveaways in American history. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) estimates that the cost of the plan will reach $205 billion. That’s a lot of money to throw at Elon Musk and all of Hillary’s high-powered green energy friends.
By the way, there are only 320 million people in the country so her plan would mean more solar panels than people. If Hillary has her way, the entire landscape in America will be blighted by windmills and solar panels. How is this green?


This is green: fun facts about trees:


Dr. John McDougall presents a webinar--a second, follow-up webinar--with Dr. Doug Lisle about anxiety and panic attacks. This temporary link includes the link to a video of the first webinar, to watch before sending Dr. Lisle questions for the second webinar.


Miracle? Bah humbug. Most seizures are temporary and brief; people who have any reason to anticipate that theirs won't be don't go to sports events. Tim Tebow helped a fan calm down and breathe. I wouldn't call that a miracle, but it certainly qualifies as nice!


Floods in South Carolina (from the Edge of Hurricane Matthew):

Cute spider image (should be safe for the phobic to smile over):

Politics (Election 2016)

This is a raunchy link about a raunchy news item, and it’s The Blaze so you know the comments are even worse, but…The only way there can be any hesitation about this question is that someone like Senator Sessions is aware of differences among state laws. Grabbing anyone’s private parts is sexual assault. In some states, the question of hand-to-privates versus privates-to-privates has been used to define the difference between sexual assault and rape. In some states, both have been legally classified as rape.

TheBlaze discusses Trump's campaign-killing comment

My comment on Google + reflects a perception that Trump was probably speaking figuratively, rather than claiming to have molested women on his TV show. Men like him routinely describe being in the dominant position over another man as "having/getting/grabbing him by the [word banned by this site's contract, at least in this context" so it's not much of a cognitive step for Trump to describe being in that position over a woman as "grabbing her by the [another word banned by this site's contract in this context]," when his literal meaning is "It was my show; they did it my way or no way." Probably he meant "I use money, seniority, and knowledge of legal loopholes to take every possible advantage of everybody in every situation. Always have, always will." That, baby-boomers know for sure is true.

Scott Adams' take is funny in a bitter, biting sort of way. (I may be wrong, but Candidate Clinton's health falters continue to remind me of GBP's and mine from a year ago, so I'm not seeing them as evidence that she won't be fit to work next year. I am seeing her two previous claims of brain damage as evidence that, although a Real Trouper and still a dang good candidate for an ordinary sort of job, she's too brain-damaged to be of, what was it, four years ago?)

Perry Willis and Jim Babka raise the question whether the candidates, or our whole election process, may even be "sociopathic." I don't think Trump, Clinton, or Johnson is that bad...I do think that extroversion may well be "on the sociopathic spectrum" since extroverts, by definition, lack a natural sense of honor and want to reach out and control other people's attention. And our election process does select for extroversion.

Penny Nance offers a prayer specifically about the election...the link below the prayer is for those who want to join the Concerned Women of America in prayers through the rest of the election season. Sign up to receive their prayer in your e-mail.

Pray for the Lord’s peace in the midst of the turmoil of this election season.

We accept in faithful obedience
That in this world we will have trouble,
Recognizing that in You (through You)
We will experience peace beyond understanding.

Philippians 4:7 – “And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


If you use this link to join Yougov, I can go to Michaels and get yarn to make a lot of cozy cotton socks before the weather gets colder...and you'll soon be getting free stuff from a big-chain store of your choice too:


Holiday greetings...with dogs:

Or birds:

Or cats:

Or science: