Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Sandra Fluke Boosting Rush Limbaugh?

At this point it's an interesting marketing story: Sandra Fluke publicly claimed that taxpayers need to pay for birth control pills for her, because, although she's allegedly a thirty-year-old single university student, she has no control of her own body whatsoever. Rush Limbaugh, showing a degree of restraint more typical of the older generation, used the word "slut" to describe Fluke. (Can we agree that "spoiled brat" would have been more precise?) Limbaugh apologized for saying "slut," but fear that unreflective women would feel that all users of birth control pills were being insulted caused advertisers to back away from the Limbaugh Show. Instead, opposition to censorship, and curiosity as to what was actually being said on the Limbaugh Show, attracted new listeners to the program...

This web site officially opposes all censorship, and encourages advertisers to rethink their bad move.