Thursday, March 22, 2012

Man Jailed for Failure to Finish Home Improvement

According to Madeleine Morgenstern, Mitch Faber spent time in jail because he ran out of money and wasn't able to finish putting siding on his house:

Burnsville mayor Marty Doll defended the city's harassment of Mr. Faber as "making sure all neighbors can take pride in their neighborhoods."

Duh...Personally, I'd take more pride in living in a neighborhood where, if anybody was idle enough to notice how long it was taking Mr. Faber to get the siding onto his house, they'd pitch in and make the completion of the project into a neighborhood party. Better yet, in a neighborhood where people had lives of their own, and nobody noticed anything about Mr. Faber's house unless and until he spoke to them about the problems he was having finishing his home improvement job.