Friday, March 30, 2012

Bald Barbie for Kids with Cancer

The Mattel company announced that it will be manufacturing a special batch of bald Barbie dolls that won't be sold in stores, but will be offered to children with cancer in hospitals...

Needless to say, these dolls will come with a line of headwear.

For the children themselves (and for adults with cancer) there's an organization that distributes free patterns, and sometimes teams up with yarn shops to distribute free yarn, to make headwear:

Patients as well as friends and family have been known to get into making Chemo Caps (and also scarves, shawls, and wigs). The basic Chemo Cap is a snug-fitting, fairly thick, smooth knitted cap, but a full headwear wardrobe can include woven, crocheted, felted, and of course sewn items in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Making caps and head wraps is a great way to learn techniques.

Some of the posher Greensleeves Knits that have and have not been shown here use small amounts of the lovely novelty yarns distributed by one of our favorite city specialty shops...then known as the Needlework Attic, but currently, according to the web page, Knit & Stitch Equals Bliss:

In exchange for one cap made from each skein of these posh and pricey yarns, knitters got to add the rest to our stashes! Not a bad deal. I hope the store's still doing it, at least in autumn...